Bulgaria's Thracian Heritage            

The Panagyurishte Treasure

The Vulchitrun Treasure

The  Rogozen Treasure

The Small Tomb Treasure

The Letnitsa Treasure

The Borovo Treasure
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In 1953, a silver treasure was found at the Balana site, east of the town of Loukovit. It consists of 6 cups, 5 phialae, 4 jugs, 3 incomplete elements of horse-trappings and over 300 tubes, semi-spherical plaques, small rectangular and oblong plaques with representations of bull and human heads, as well as sitting sphinxes.

The researchers have failed to detect any traces of settlements or burial sites. This is a clear evidence that the treasure must have been hidden. The objects were made in the 4th century BC and were buried at the beginning of the 3rd century BC.



The Varna Necropolis Treasure

The Duvanlii Treasure

The Mogilanska Mogila Treasure

The Loukovit Treasure

The Kralevo Treasure

The Svetitsata Treasure