Bulgaria's Thracian Heritage           

The Panagyurishte Treasure

The Vulchitrun Treasure


The  Rogozen Treasure

The Small Tomb Treasure

The Letnitsa Treasure

The Borovo Treasure


In 1979, archaeologists digging near the village of Kralevo unearthed a tomb dated from the end of the 4th century BC. In addition to gold and silver jewellery, the finding comprised the only complete gold horse-trappings ever found in Bulgaria.

The gold horse's harness consists of a gold head-piece in the form of an aquiline head, a rosette, four appliqués representing the ancient hero Heracles, two rectangular appliqués with images of griffins and 36 small gold appliqués decorated with floral and geometric motifs.



The Varna Necropolis Treasure


The Duvanlii Treasure


The Mogilanska Mogila Treasure


The Loukovit Treasure


The Kralevo Treasure


The Svetitsata Treasure