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Wonderland Bulgaria is a nongovernmental, private Internet endeavor. It is our wish to provide information from and about Bulgaria. The web content is designed to acquaint you with this country telling about its history, geography, population, and folklore. We have also added a short list of some Bulgarian websites

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Self-portrait of Priest Pouncho, 
late 18th century
      WONDERLAND BULGARIA was initially written, edited and compiled by:
      • Iliana Rakilovska
      • Irina Simeonova 
      • Maria Nankova
      • Kamen Minchev
      • Petko Simeonov

      English language translation by Maya Dimitrova

      Contributions were also authored by:
      • Gueorgy Assiov
      • Iva Assiova
      • Academician Ilcho Dimitrov
      • Prof. Todor Ivanov Zhivkov
      • Prof. Axinija Dzurova
      • Prof. Petar Beron
      • Prof. Stoyan Radev
      • Kaliroy Papadopoulou


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