We have named this website Wonderland Bulgaria not because we intend to tell you tall stories and fables. We mean quite a different thing. In any nation's past and present, in its way of life and customs, traditions and culture, in its nature and intrinsic character, there have been a great number of really unbelievable, wonderful, fantastic things. Combined together they form the marvellous kaleidoscope producing its unique, original charm making it different from the rest, but also throwing across time and space all the visible and invisible bridges that connect it with other lands and nations. This kaleidoscope needs no make-up or varnish, on the contrary not only are all efforts in this vein superfluous, they are essentially counter-indicative. They would simply spoil the magic of what has been made by the Creator and by Man's hands, mind, and heart. We seek, therefore, to show as much as possible of the peculiar aroma, flavour, spirit and magic of WONDERLAND BULGARIA.

WONDERLAND, the fairy tale lofty, lovely, comical, tragic, or ugly. The way all fairy tales are. With their mythical heroes, fairies, evil doers, wretches trodden in the mud, heavenly beauties... Swords are being waved in the air, whips are lashing, a thud of horses is resounding.

We make every effort to invoke some pleasant moments and provide useful information to such people, who, for one reason or another, are interested in Bulgaria and the Balkans: emigrants, scholars, students, businesspersons, collectors and last but not least - representatives of that peculiar human kind whose inexhaustible curiosity and fantasy lie at the root of knowledge, invention, creation and progress.

Definitely, there are things we shall not change. They are the pillars of the Fairy Tale. The Thracians, Khan Asparoukh or Cyril and Methodius all of them are already there, in Eternity...

To every visitor endowed with imagination, we say: "Welcome, friend!" Give us your opinion, send us your suggestions and ideas. Be one of us in writing the magic story of WONDERLAND BULGARIA.

Last update on 13-04-2008

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