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TRUST AND WELL-BEING:bulgarian case in a comparative perspective

Nikolai Tilkidjiev





1. Why are we “at the bottom”?

2. Quality of life – well-being – trust: the European doctrine

3. Bulgaria, a low-trusted society

   3.1. Trust in other people – “social” or interpersonal trust

   3.2. Trust in institutions – “political” trust

4. Trust and satisfaction

5. The fears of Bulgarians – factors of mistrust

6. Any causes for optimism?


Key words: Well-being, Trust, Quality of life, Bulgaria in EU


[1] The author is Prof. Dr. Sc. at Public Administration Dept., Sofia University, Bulgaria, and a lecturer to BA and MA students on social stratification, quality of life and ethnopolitics (nikolai.tilkidjiev@gmail.com). This study has been published only in Bulgarian in the book: Tilkidjiev, N.(editor and co-compiler) and L. Dimova (co-compiler). 2010. Well-being and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?(Comparative Analysis after ESS Rounds 2006/2009). Sofia: East-West Publishing House: 33-61.





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