Ivan Stancioff (70) born in Sofia is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington DC . After serving in the US Army Chemical Corps he joined the American & Foreign Power Corp. in New York. He worked for IBM World Trade Corporation in New York, Brazil and Paris in marketing research, sales and management positions. He was Vice President International for both ITEL Corp. and Storage Technology Corp.,  working from London. In 1980 he set up his own IT Company Cresta Marketing S.A. in Geneva. Following the political, social and economic reforms in Central and Eastern Europe he returned to Bulgaria in 1990 for the first time in 47 years .
In 1991 Mr. Stancioff was appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James and the first Bulgarian Ambassador to the Irish Republic. In 1994 he became Ambassador at Large and Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs. In January 1999 the Bulgarian President, Petar Stoyanov appointed Mr. Stancioff as his advisor on Foreign Affairs.
In 1995 Mr. Stancioff returned to private business. He is CEO of Cresta Marketing S.A. with offices in Sofia, Varna - on the Black Sea coast and in London and Geneva. Cresta is actively involved in bringing foreign investments to Bulgaria and to the Region, focusing on infrastructure development, public / private partnerships and privatization.
Ivan Stancioff is partner and chairman of the Board of Directors of Stancioff, Sevlievski & Co., a financial market research house /www.ssco.bg/. Mr. Stancioff is also chairman of the Framlington Bulgaria Fund, the first venture capital investment fund aimed at the newly established Bulgarian stock market. The Fund is listed on the Dublin Stock Exchange.
Mr. Stancioff is the Bulgarian member of the Business Advisory Council of the Southeast European Co-operative Initiative (SECI). SECI, backed by the US, Austrian, Italian and Swiss governments focusing on cross-border trade facilitation and crime reduction, regional infrastructure development and on the post-war regional development of the region. SECI is developing its initiatives in collaboration with UN/ECE, the World Bank in cooperation with the stability pact
Board memberships: Cresta Marketing S.A.; Founder and Chairman of the Karin Dom Foundation Varna; Founder and Director of IMIR-Sofia; New Bulgarian University; American University/Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Board of Trustees (1995-98); International Maritime Organisation (IMO) President of the General Assembly (1993-95); Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund Advisory Board.
Memberships: Atlantic Club-Sofia, Bulgarian Antarctic Institute,
IISS - London, the Royal Geographical Society-London.

e-mail: Stancioff@ssco.bg