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Trenchev, Konstantin


Konstantin Trenchev was born on 8 February 1955 in Stara Zagora.
He finished a French college in Algeria, 1968-1970.
1982 - graduates from the Higher Institute of Medicine in Sofia.
1983 - assistant professor in Anatomy, Histology and Embriology at the Higher Institute of Medicine in Stara Zagora
1987 - assistant professor at the General and Clinical Pathology Department at the HIM, Stara Zagora.
He worked in the emergency aid and as anatomic pathologist.
Author of inventions and rationalization acknowldged by INRA.

Founder of the Podkrepa Labour Confederation in 1989 and its President ever since.
In February 2009 Podkrepa celebrated its 20th anniversary.

K. Trenchev is a co-founder of the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) and member of the National Coordinating Council in the period 1990-1991.
Vice President of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
May 2000 - member of the Democratic Alliance (a political formation). On 9 July 2000 he was elected honorary president of DA.
March 2006 - in an open letter on behalf of the Podkrepa Confederation he stood up against the too restrictive financial policy of the International Monetary Fund considering it largely responsible for the high social price paid by the Bulgarian people during the transition period and leading to social tension.

Married. His wife Koyana lives in the United States.