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Minev, Plamen


Plamen Francheshkov Minev was born on 16 January 1963 in the town of Svishtov.
He graduated from the Academy of Economics in Svishtov.
In the course of 5 years he worked as customs officer at the Svishtov customs house.
1991 - 1995 - Municipal councillor from the  UDF in Svishtov.
1997 - MP of the UDF in the 39th National Assembly, 4th Veliko Turnovo Constituency ticket.
In July 1997 he was appointed Chief of the Central Customs Directorate and Deputy Minister of Finance in the Kostov cabinet (until 2001).
2001 - MP candidate from the United Democratic Forces.

President of the Board of Managers of the Sofia Vitosha Rotary Club 2004-2005.