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Dimitrov, Emil


Emil Dimitrov was born in 1962 in the town of Pernik.
He graduated from the Institute for Training Music and Choreography Teachers and worked as folk dance choreographer.
Housing needs made him get employed in the construction industry as electric welder. At the same time, he took an external degree from the Higher Institute of Economics.
He received specialized post-graduate training in customs control, finance, and accounting. He worked in the system of communications as a supervisor and accountant.

Emil Dimitrov gained popularity as a commissioner of audit.
Dimitrov went to work for the Ministry of Finance in 1992.
His career under the Finance Ministry began as district auditor, but he was promoted to undertake the most accountable audits in the state.
In 1997 he was named auditor of the year in connection with his inspection of the grain affair of the Videnov cabinet.
In 1998, his name made quite a stir in the press because of his scandalous disclosures of big frauds in the customs during the terms of office of different governments, the then current one included.
He left his job at the State Financial Control Office and has joined the leadership of the Civil Anti-Corruption Movement in the framework of Saint George's Day Movement.
Chief of the Bulgarian Customs for several months in 2001, appointed by the then new cabinet of the Simeon II National Movement.