History as an Individual Life Story


Apart from being a sequence of great dates and names, history is a patchwork of millions of individual life stories. A historical event comes to be a real one only as an individual experience. It is nonexistent outside personal experience. A military commander (an individual person with his own passions and delusions) is the one who gives orders (programs and guides the behaviour of his subordinates), the rest obey. Everyone else is also driven by their own motives and emotions.

Was it not for the individual’s presence, the presence of the concrete person overflowed with rapture, courage, despondency, fear, etc., History would be nonexistent. It would not be there – the great and bright or the low and dark history. The resounding one.

There was a battle, say the books. Someone or other was the victor...

Still, suffering were living people, cherishing their loved ones, anxious about their love, their future, their hopes … The victor (and we should not leave out the defeated fool) is important in the eyes of the next complex-driven guys. It is all those craving for a hierarchical structure - in which they try to find a purpose and meaning – that sing the praise of or suffer over historical losses and victories.

Important is the individual person and not "big" history.

Everything in this world only exists as something happening to an individual. A particular, concrete, separate, weak, small person or, possibly, a big, a great one. One of many or just a single one. Always alone. Personal losses and victories are those that really matter.

The stream or cascade of “momentous” events only veil what is important – the patchwork of individual lives.

The stories of individual persons are told here [for now, in the Bulgarian language version]. Most of them are only known to their close relatives.

But it is they who reproduce Bulgaria and her people. They are Ivan, Hassan, Jacob, etc., but all of them are equally Bulgarian and equally important to her, alongside with Levski, Botev, Yavorov, Ferdinand I, etc.

Bulgaria cannot exist for even a flash of time without her millions of ordinary anonymous people, in the same way as she cannot survive without her prominent personalities.

Without the individual (lonely, weak, and poor, or strong and famous), there is no Bulgaria, no World, no God, no Humankind.

Look upon this rubric as a triumph of the individual.

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