The Band

In an orchestra, each instrument has its own tone. In OMDA, the instruments are numerous, but all of them play the same melody – Wonderland Bulgaria. We are a Bulgarian melody and  we have performed it for a long while.

The first test release on Internet – 20.09.1997, 14:00. (Probing, within a domain owned by a different company, “what kind of thing this is”.)

Start of publishing on the World Wide Web via our own domain – December 1997.

First date of regular everyday news releases – 15.04.1998, 16:00.

Launching the English language version – 11 May 1998.

The first incidence of using the site as an information source by some big information agencies – June 1998.

The first presentation on Internet of a resolution of the National Assembly.

The first publication on the Web of a speech made by a Bulgarian president.

The first internet-based publication of a resolution of the Bulgarian government.

The first public presentation of Dimiter Peshev.

The first e-Bay sale transaction from a Bulgarian web site – August 1999.

We are descendants of the ordinary ploughmen and hoers, of the Catholics from Chiprovtsi, of Priest Pouncho (see his self-portrait) and we ride at full speed on the back of the Bulgarian centaur.

Our motto is