Bulgarian Cuisine


The National Bulgarian Cuisine

Many of the Bulgarian products and dishes are known in various other parts of the world. Bulgarian dishes and drinks have their devotees even among the most refined gastronomes and tasters. Bulgarian yoghourt is an industry, and the Great Roasted Red Pepper - an attraction. Anyone who has tasted a Bulgarian apple, already knows why Eve was tempted by this fruit.

Regrettably, milliards of people all over the globe have lived their lives without ever tasting Bulgarian wine. Worldwide ignorance has veiled the fact that none other than our ancestors, in the person of godlike Dyonisus, discovered wine. And there is no doubt that the importance of this breakthrough goes far beyond the invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire.

It's a pity that few foreigners know how to cook original Bulgarian meals. But for this, the world would have been a much cosier place to live in.

Under this heading we intend to  offer you recipes from different parts of the country. You are supposed to fulfil them strictly. The rest is easy enough and pleasant, because Bulgarian cooking is the creation of people agrarian that had no time to linger round the fire and that knew the value of products.

Each dish is related with a certain myth, belief or ritual. It is part of the wonderland tale.

You have the opportunity of not only varying your diet, but also of impressing your guests by offering them an original meal while garnishing it with some wise and exotic story from the Balkans.


Festive and Traditional Dishes