Bulgaria: History in a Nutshell


The world's oldest gold bearing regal marks – 4000 years BC. Thracian kingdoms.

Alexander the Great and his father Philip.

Roman Emperors and legions. The splendour of Byzantium.

Asparoukh - the horseman from the Steppes. The year of 681 - the First Bulgarian Kingdom.

Saint Prince Boris - conversion to Christianity.

The Seven Saints: the brothers Cyril and Methodius and their five disciples Clement, Naoum, Angelarius, Gorazd, Sava - the inception of the Slavonic script; public worship and literature.
The survival of the Bulgarian language and Christian faith in the context of battles against, rivalry and collaboration with the Muslims.

Waging a war over Macedonia for more than a century.

The Comintern and Stalin against Bulgaria.