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Zhotev, Petar


Peter Zhotev was born on 22 October 1950 in Sofia.
He graduated from the Karl Marx Institute of Economics (now University of National and World Economy). For some time he worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences  and at the Bulgarian National Bank - namely, its International Co-operation Department. In the course of four years he served in the World Bank resident mission in Bulgaria. Later he took office as Senior Manager  at  Ernst and Young.

In July 1997 he was appointed executive manager of the Bank Consolidation Company, the institution responsible for selling all state-owned banks. For a period of two years he succeeded in completing the deals of the Bulgarian Post Bank, sold for $38 million, Express Bank - for $39.1 million -  purchased by the French Societe Generale,  and Hebrosbank. Of all four banks privatized so far, three have been sold by Zhotev.
1999 - appointed Minister of Finance in the Kostov cabinet after its reshuffle.

His performance as a very good manager goes along with an even temper and a well-balanced character. He is keen on chess and is considered to be the best chess player among the Bulgarian bankers. He has a good sense of humour and loves to sing Bulgarian songs.
He is used to travelling with only a briefcase, since his luggage regularly gets lost by air companies.
Politically noncommitted. Married, with two sons who are university students. (2000) His wife, Maya Zhoteva, works at a tax office.

2001 - in spite of declaring noncommitment, he is elected deputy to the 39th National Assembly from the UDF.

In 2004 he joined the group of MPs from the UDF who, led by Ivan Kostov, left the UDF parliamentary group to form a new one - United Democratic Forces; later they founded the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party.

2005 - about a month before the parliamentary election he left the UtdDF group to become independent MP explaining that he distrusted Ivan Kostov, but a more likely reason for this was that he had not been included in the party's list of candidates for MPs.

His name is associated with support for the Belene Atomic Power Station project and lobbying for Russian interests in the energy sector. Moreover, he was sceptical about the reforms then conducted in the public health sphere.

Going in for chess since 1971. Hobby: angling.