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The electronic book spares the forests and thus increases oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. It travels in no time around the World and saves petrol, coal and electricity. It does not proliferate the objects in our homes leaving us more free space. It does not grow mouldy, so we can save on household cleaning chemicals and, consequently, not harm the ozone layer. It catches no dust which lets us breathe easier and save electric power. Mice do not eat it and this  can dramatically reduce the causes for getting angry, which means more time for staying calm and light-hearted.

It lets us mark up and save important thoughts and then decide,  shamelessly,  they have occurred to us: thus boosting our self-esteem. It lets us scribble on it without impairing it. We can store it without having to take care of it, and find it instantly - in a flash, so there will be more time free of reading to be used for sports, and this, too, as books say, makes life longer. The e-book allows us to multiply it without getting tired and without spending money. It is a suitable present for both friends and enemies, while saving on postal expenses and not having to care about packing. There is no way to splash coffee over it. It cannot be stolen from us. We cannot lose it. They cannot strike us with it.

If we happen to get mad while reading it, we can contact the publisher and rail at him/her,  and sometimes we can take it out on the author.

In most cases the e-book is free of charge. In this way it both lengthens our lives and enriches our knowledge and purse. But even if we had to pay for it, with so many advantages in place, we would actually pay nothing.


Still, should you some day come to grieve for white paper and black letters - put it through the printer, wet your fingers and read - on and on and on - for reading opens blind eyes.

For the rest of the time -

The result is the same.

However, e-books share the inconvenience of paper books - reading them requires concentration and time too. Our effort to repair this shortcoming by using the left and right button of the mouse produces unsatisfactory results. Yet, prospects are good. In future we are going to have chips implanted in our brains getting us connected directly to the Web, wherefrom we could download all sorts of books. Our heads will look like pint pots - a sensible resemblance, at last.

What kind of books are we going to download? E-books, of course. Printed books are doomed to oblivion.


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