Pottery of a Royal Lineage

Only few are nowadays initiated into the secrets of sgraffito ceramics - a technique known to almost every Bulgarian master of pottery seven or eight centuries ago. One of the “elect” was Hristo Ivanov (died May 2003). A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, having later specialized in the Ukraine, Russia and Germany, Ivanov had been creating his marvelous pottery for three decades. His art derived from labour consuming investigation and reinterpretation of the achievements of the medieval Bulgarian schools. In this respect, Hristo Ivanov was favoured by his place of residence -  Veliko Tirnovo, Bulgaria’s former times capital, where  all kinds of arts and crafts flourished in the 13-14th centuires.

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He preferred to draw his techniques, ideas and subjects from the preserved fine pottery used by the medieval Bulgarian tzars, rather than from the folk tradition of the “plebs”. One of his innovations was to decorate pottery with exact copies of the magnificent initial letters of the ancient Bulgarian manuscripts of the 13-14th cc.

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The fringes of his ceramic vessels are decorated with the traditional geometrical and vegetable “sgrafitto” elements. Their ornamentation impresses with the diversity of motifs, as well as with an effective compositional arrangement. The artist does not stick only to the colours typical of the Middle Ages - yellow, green and brown - but uses an ample variety of paints.

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Each of Hristo Ivanov’s works is unique and remarkably beautiful. His manufacturing technology follows a millenium-old tradition. These plates have enriched some elite private collections in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Poland..., they can also be found in the depositaries and expositions of museums all over the world.



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