Chronology "Bulgaria 1996"


The 1996 issue of 61 postage stamps, 4 blocks and 1 carnet are more or less thematically related (13 series and 1 coupling). Only 5 of the stamps and 2 of the blocks have unrelated subjects. All emissions are perforated. Unlike the early 1990’s now the circulations are strongly reduced and, as a rule, vary between 120 and 600 thousand. The range of topics is sufficiently wide, the prevailing fields represented by “Flora and Fauna”, “Sports”, “Art”, “Architecture”, “History”.


 “Nature collectors” are the addressees of the series of crustacea and coniferous trees in Bulgaria - 6 stamps in each series. In their representations, the designers have applied the traditional approach. 

The national style in architecture characteristic of the 18th and 19th centuries is presented by the series “Bulgarian Monasteries” and “Houses of the Revival Period”. These two series also include 6 stamps each. 


    The national postal administration observed the sport events in 1996 
    by issuing a series of 4 stamps 
    with a block and a carnet devoted 
    to the Olympic Games in Atlanta, U.S.A., and a block related with 
    the European  Football Championship in Great Britain. 


In the field of art, besides the three postage stamps dedicated to Bulgaria, special notice deserves the elegant series of 4 stamps with a block circulated on the occasion of the 250th birthday anniversary of the Spanish artist Fransisco de Goya. 

Other 1996 issues are the series “Locomotives” (4 stamps), the international emission of “Europe” (2 stamps), “Easter” (2 stamps), “Fifth Annual Meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development” (2 stamps), the jubilee issues of “50th Anniversary of UNICEF” (4 stamps), “120th Anniversary of the Bulgarian April Uprising” (2 stamps), “450th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Death”, “50 Years Republic of Bulgaria”.




A series of 6 stamps, for the first time representing Bulgarian military uniforms, may rouse the collectors’ interest. The originally designed coupling of 2 stamps (quite rare in Bulgarian postage stamp issuing) was circulated on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the victory of the Bulgarian Tzar Simeon over the Byzantines at Bulgarophygon. Of interest may be also the block devoted to the most venerated Bulgarian saint - Ivan Rilski.


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