Tsar Simeon II

Simeon  Saxe-Coburg Gotha

Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

His Majesty was born on 16 June 1937 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He was named after Simeon the Great and was given the title of Prince of Turnovo. His birth was celebrated by granting many prisoners amnesty and adding a mark to every school child’s exam.
Simeon ascended the throne on 28 August at the age of only 6, after the sudden death of his father, King Boris III
, who died under mysterious circumstances. His reign of Bulgaria was overseen by a three-man regency . On February 2, 1945, after Bulgaria quit the Axis Powers and the Soviet Red Army overran this country, all three regents (Boris' brother Prince Cyril, former war minister Lieutenant General Nikolai Michov, and former premier Bogdan Filov) were executed as enemies of the state
In 1946, following a referendum the lawfulness of which is still questioned, Bulgaria became a republic. The royal family was sent into exile without an abdication or dethronation act. Simeon was not deprived of citizenship.
On 16 September 1946 the
young king, his mother - Queen Ioanna, his four-year elder sister Maria-Louisa and Evdokia? left Bulgaria on board a special/ train started from the Kazichene station.
The royal family stopped at Istanbul, where they got on board of a ship headed for Alexandria
, Egypt. They lived there for the next 5 years. The Italian King Victor Emmanuel, the father of Queen Joanna, lived in exile in Egypt too. During this period Simeon was enrolled/studied at the Victoria College.