8.                                                    TOKENS OF CULT
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This antler "axe" was found in one of the tombs. It was apparently used to distinguish the deceased person or denote the character of his death. It is among the symbols of the then practiced cult.

The "axe", which looks like a planting tool, a hoe, or a hammer, was not an instrument of labour. It must have been a scepter  - used either as a magic-working wand or as a symbol of stately power, but maybe as both.

The "axe" is an evidence leading us to conclude that social organization and power were thought of as values in Lake Town.


Todor Dimov:: 

"a cult axe made of antler from tomb No 550 of the prehistoric necropolis on the west bank of the Durankulak Lake - Stone-Copper Age (5th millennium B.C.) - culture Varna I."


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