25.                                   HOW TO VISIT THE LAKE TOWN SITE
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Naturally, to get there you should travel to the Durankulak Lake first. Before doing that you better call  Dr. Todor Dimov at the History Museum in Dobrich (Tel: 058 25 491). It wouldn't be right to visit the site on your own, without a guide. The archeological finds are kept in the Dobrich Museum of History at that.

You can pitch a tent by the Lake Town site. Or find accommodation at the near-by hostel, a house owned by Hristo Gospodinov, dubbed Pechkata /the Stove/ on account of his culinary genius. Hristo Gospodinov is an artist. You can cook your meals yourself, or, if you wish, be served meals. The sanitary conditions are good. It's quiet. It's peaceful. It's much like eight thousand years haven't elapsed.

Last update made on 04-11-2007

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