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Todor Dimov: "Hellenistic kantharos from  the sacrificial  pit of the prehistoric necropolis at Durankulak - 4th century B.C."

Pottery imported from Hellas!
This pottery and pottery from Lake Town have one thing in common - they both are made of earth.

There can hardly be any doubt that north of the Aegean, from the Rhodope mountains to the Russian Steppes (being only an amateur, I find it difficult to define these limits), some ten thousand years ago - beginning from the early Holocene (the present geological age) - a cultural process started developing which left behind sufficient traces allowing us to treat them as referring to some very important origins of contemporary civilization. Regrettably, these fundaments have not been thoroughly studied yet.

Still more to be regretted, they have systematically been underscored even within the framework of a now disappearing Europe-centred approach.

It depends on us whether the monuments will be devastated and lost or systematized and preserved. Whether they will remain to give an impulse for acquiring deeper knowledge of mankind's past - which also depends on us.

Last update made on 04-11-2007

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Last update on 04-11-2007