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What you see here are the ruins of Kibela's temple lying north of the mysterious tombs.

The age of the temple is some twenty five hundred years. It is not a solid age though, for the near-by stone settlement is good eight thousand years old.


The ancient temple site is located in  Dobroudja and is the oldest one in continental Europe.


The original name of the prehistoric settlement (which must have existed from 5400 to 4100 B.C.) is unknown. I feel free, therefore, to call it Lake Town. We are going to make a tour around the place following our guide -  Todor Dimov - the person in charge of the research work at the archeological site.

All data reported here are Dr. Dimov's exclusive academic priority.


The thin arrow in the upper right of the map points to the Lake Town site, while the 'circle' in the lower part delineates the area of the tombs.


First published in Bulgarian on June 10, 2000.

English language version posted on January 2, 2002.


Last update made on 04-11-2007


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