16.                                               MINIATURE POTTERY (2)
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Shown below is an exquisite tiny ceramic bowl. Its colours are truthfully conveyed in the picture. 

The little holes in its neck suggest it was intended for tying up.

It is as small as a jewel.

Since it was found in a tomb, it had most likely been used as a container for holding spices, essences, liquid or powder substances of supposedly sacral significance for the deceased... But it may well have been empty. It may have been a token for something else. A meaningful code valid for the journey to the world beyond. A peculiar material "hieroglyph" only appearing as a plain object.

Its size suggests that the inhabitants of Lake Town were attracted by the detail, by the supplementary, the accessory, the playful... In other words, by meaning!




Todor Dimov: "a miniature vessel with bulges from tomb No 512 of the necropolis at Durankulak (the middle of the 5th millennium B.C.) - culture Hamangia IV." 

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