Headless body in orange jumpsuit found in Iraq
7/15/2004 11:00:00 PM GMT

It has not been officially confirmed which of the two hostages was killed.


Source: BBC

Iraqi police has found a headless body in an orange jumpsuit in the Tigris River in Baghdad, the U.S. military has said.
A military spokeswoman said Iraqi police had discovered the body and handed it over to the U.S. forces.

It is not clear yet if the corpse belongs to a Bulgarian hostage beheaded by an Iraqi group on Monday.

The kidnappers have threatened to kill the dead man's Bulgarian colleague unless Iraqi prisoners are released.

Reuters news agency quoted the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy as saying efforts were being made to identify the headless body "by all possible means, by DNA tests and fingerprints, etc".

His deputy, Gergana Grancharova, said fingerprints from the body were being sent to Bulgaria to check if the dead body is the Bulgarian hostage.

In the meantime a separate Iraqi group holding a Filipino hostage in Iraq has said Philippine troops must pull out of Iraq by the end of July – extending the deadline of 20 July.

In a statement posted on Al-Jazeera, the group said it would release the hostage when the last Philippine soldier leaves Iraq. It has threatened to kill the hostage if their demand is not met.

Al-Jazeera showed video footage of the hostage, Angelo de la Cruz, thanking his government for pulling out of Iraq and saving his life.

The man's voice was not heard and the date of the video wasn’t clear.
Despite being under pressure from the U.S. and Australia, Manila has agreed to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

Al-Jazeera has also received a video recording of the Bulgarian hostage's death, but it refused to broadcast the graphic sections of the tape.

The video showed the Bulgarians - wearing an orange garment similar to those worn by other foreign hostages before they were killed - kneeling in front of three masked men dressed in black.

It has not been officially confirmed which of the two hostages was executed.
However, reports suggest it was Georgi Lazov, 30, who was captured in northern Iraq along with Ivaylo Kepov, 32.

The captors' deadline for the execution of the second hostage expired on Wednesday at 2000 GMT but there has been no word on his fate.

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i am sorry to hear the news on this innocent man and i hope the other man will set free, but unlikely the bulgarian government still bowing to usa pressure to stay in iraq. my question to these governments who sent their troops to iraq, if they don't and can't have the will to help their citizens, how do they expect the world to beleive that they are in iraq to help iraqies. iraq is destroyed already and it is in big mess thank to those who participated, i wonder what type of people who run these governments and how they are so irresponsible towards their own citizens and let them die like this because of usa. i repaeat i really how they could help iraqies when they can't help their own citizens.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                             Ibrahim from Canada
will say what i wrote before.americans our sons lay in grave yard all over this world defending and liberating countries.now they speak out against us and turn on us.they feel distain for us and always will.if not for us most of you would be goose marching.be proud to say i am american for it is the best there is.as for the headless body what is there to say.it just shows the element we are dealing with.all this will pass and we will still stand strong.stick by your country and hold your mouth if you have nothing good to say about it for you live in freedom and never, never, take that for granted.god bless the united states of america.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           George from Canada
ibrahim, i completely agree with you that bulgarian troops and citizens had no business in baghdad, but this problem cannot be solved by killing innocent people. those who commited this crime are not people, they are animals and i hope that they will die in the same savage way - this is the only thing they deserve. and it is a shame for the people in iraq and all muslims that they accept people like these terrorists to act on their behalf.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         Borislav from Bulgaria
ibrahim; yeah your really sorry alright you puke! first of all your patting these freedom fighters on the back for their cause against the us and then you say you feel sorry for the guy. man your just full of it. obviously the coalition is their to help the people of iraq and if you cant see that give it up. ibrahim your one sick person youy can't see the light because the blackness of your heart blinds you.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         brent from canada
ibrahim, you are missing the point. the governments that have sent their troops to iraq have them there to help iraq build their strength. how does bowing to these terrorists help anyone. its not that these countries don't care or don't want to protect their own people. its that if they give in these terrorists will think their plan is working. by the way, iraq is no more messed up than before the us's march. this country is on its way to democracy. if these cowardly terrorists would just let everyone finish their job, iraq could really start a new life. get over why the us went there. that was wrong and there isn't anything that will change it. what is needed is support from the world in how everything is now proceeding. the temp. gov't is doing its job and will soon be replaced by elected officials by the iraqi people!
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                         Michael from USA
i think the iraqies need to do what ever they can do to get those invaders out of their country. it's never a good news when people die,but it's war.i'm proud of the mujahinins doing everything they can to get those invaders out. by the way that guy wouldn't have bean beheaded, but the bulgarians didn't want to save him by taking their troops out of iraq. if an iraqy was captured the mujahidin would try to save him.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                          Jamila from U.S
george. you are missing out on the whole concept of democracy. your attitude of " stick by your country and hold your mouth" is a slap in the face for every viable democracy. every body does not only have the right but also the duty to speak out against artrossities committed against the will of the people. most warmongerers have still not caught on, but the latest opinion poll from cnn clearly put's the majorities of americans against this illegal war. so maybe it is time for you to start speaking up also and do something for the country your soldiers are litterally sodomizing. donate some of your own money to make up for your countrys crimes.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                         robert from canada
to george from canada..while i appreciate your heartfelt passion for any and all things american (except freedom of speech) many people view political dissent a healthy part of the democratic process...by the way..winston churchill attacked his government over the 1938 munich pact it signed with hitler. i don't think anyone views churchill as anything less than a british icon...he was passionate enough to speak out and change events for the british...peace.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           Marcus from Canada
first of all the us is not in iraq to liberate the iraqi people, anyone who belives this should join the coalition and see exactly what the us idea of liberation is, then see if you hold the same opinion. saddam and chemical ali gassed about 5000 of its own and terrerized many others. us now uses this for its purpose to invade iraq since every other motive has been proven untrue. if the us cared so much for innocent lives why do the stand by and watch whats happening in suddan where natives are being exterminated by the hundred of thousands? (actions backed by its govenment.)know why? cause us could give a mad **** about them. second of all why when ever a us citizen critisizes its government for its wrong doing, the blind faithfull americans are quick to say leave this great country or hold your mouth. is not free speech right. hipocracy
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                         C.S.H. from Cali U.S.
usa wants to form iraq the way its want. they want to build it the way they want. they want to make its people say what they want. they want iraqi people to believe that usa is helping them. they want the entire world to obey them and do what they ask for. going to iraq was only to steal the oil and rape its people. we all saw the abu-graib prison scandal. iraqi people do not want usa or any other country to form their country and pretend that they are helping them; in fact they are destroying their land and raping and killing its people. we do not want you there. leave..leave..leave…
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           iraqi from USA
it is funny how the canadians are so mouthy and anti-american - when in fact they would be nothing without the us protection and support. talk about biting the hand that feeds them. anyway, this beheading behavior is the classic sign of a gutless, cowardly mentality - pathetic and weak. if the troops went home, that would only reinforce the cowards and murderers. that is why bush is so good. he knows you have to step on a roach to kill it, not talk sweet to it. wake up.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
any one tell me that these occupying forces are there to help iraq, i wish they could give me one evidence about this. however if these ivadors want to help iraq they should first take a cource in arabic to learn the language and the culture and understand 5000 years of civilization what means, iraq was stable and safe country before usa start interfeering in its affairs, usa trying to change the culture and language and the demographic structure of the country, they brought punch of escapees from saddam whom know nothing but hate him they never been in iraq last 30 years and they expect them to bring democracy to iraq and keep its arabic id and muslim face. this is genocide, any iraqi who still have alive consius will do the same to free his country and save his culture and people from all the criminals even if it is to beheading.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                             Ibrahim from Canada
don't forget that the iraqi resistance has set a price on "al-zarqawi´s" head. the real freedomfighters in iraq, fighting a (in their eyes) just cause trying to drive out an occupying force, condemn these beheadings of foreign hostages. there are basically only two people who like, and benefit from, this nightmare of beheadings on videotapes - bush and sharon (and their zioneocon friends in tel aviv and dc). bush loves to see this because it justifies continued occupation and makes abu ghraib look less bad. sharon loves this because "it shows the true nature of arabs (palestinians)", etc... therefor i'm not 100% sure that this is done by "arab terrorists". it could just as well be a longrunning black/false flag ops carried out by the cia/mossad. we know for sure that mossad operates in iraq. and they've done things similar to this before.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
until any of a number of countries in the middle east draw a sharp line between chruch and state, we will continue to see violence and abuse of human rights. the problems of the middle east existed long before dubya and the usa arrived, and they'll be there long after dubya leaves office and the marines pack up and go home, unless individual arabs refuse to let a minority of religious zealots and violent extremists hijack the common person's spiritual faith.
 () IP Address:                           bd from Canada
poor stupid arabs(including ibrahim),if you went some more at school you should know that in bulgarian history the most bloody period is the turkish(islamic) slavory-the last bulgarian being beheaded was at 1876;you may ask the turkihs which remained in bulgaria what happened later on...anyhow we shall overcome two more heads as we overcame thousands and thousands,but arabs living in bg...are kindly invited to leave,the goodwill is over,what has been developed for a century-has been destroyad in a day,now two heads and two beheaded bodi es stay between-this is the real border between the civilization and the primiti ve lands and no matter what the politics speak...i can't remember bulgarian tro- ops have killed anybody in iraq,i can't remember what they destroied,you basta- rds shall kill each other and the irony is...for nothing
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           Nik from Balkans
the one who wants al-zarqawi's head is not iraqis or iraqi goverment. it is uss..duuh. usa hates everyone who faces them. god bless you zarqawi and we will with you.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           Kamel from USA
csh: you are exactly right; agree to dis-agree. it's his freedom to say shut up, but it's yours to say no. robert: yet again i find you spouting stupidity....sodomizing. and don't use cnn for your purposes now when you say nothing but negative comments about the western media and how we are all fooled. just keep on believing everything you read here because this news source is true......ha. i am going to hate myself for saying this, but you are right about war reparations but are off base about the sodomizing. base it on fact guy, or don't type it. if you would like to build a wall between us and canada go ahead....and then enjoy the 90% unemployment headed your way. kamel : god bless...salmon rushdie
 () IP Address:                           Kevin from USA
sparky, are you and puke from puk****le related? same mentality. you have to learn the diference between anti-american and disgust. what your countrys actions are portraying is not what your constitution is all about. freedom for all? you do not even want to hear anybody speak up criticising your regime.right away yankees get ranzi. right now ,the disgust for collateral action is on the rise all over the world. this is what eventually w i l l turn into hate. just because we do not agree with your illegal war does not mean we are anti american. but anybody who will not agree with you guys whole heartedly must be an enemy, right? that sure sounds like something another air head said when he was looking for accomplices to ki11 innocent civilians. we have brains, something you as a bush supporter obviously know nothing about!
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                         robert from canada
to marcus and robert,t.y.for appreciating my passion for my country.but we are at a point where it does not help to go against your own.i beleive in free speech as much as i belive in freedom but not at the cost of american lives.when i read the jews control america i relize we are dealing with illiteracy.and i am not of jewish decent so dont all start yelling.but if they were in control bush would not be president and al gore would be.for the jews fought in the deciding state of florida to elect gore.but it matters not for the states policy would remain the same.i fought in vietnam in 69 and alot of polls also show we lost to the decent of our people at home against that war also.right or wrong there is a time we must support our country.that is how i feel and will always.by the way i like canada i am working here.good luck to you both.
 () IP Address:                            George from Canada
ibrahim, you have got to be joking? please try and use a more evolved thought process and humane opinion when you are seemingly accepting of the beheading of this innocent man from bulgaria. so do you and others like you ever think logically rather than operate on assumptions and react based on those assumptions whether they are accurate or not? i have often wondered why it is the progressive thinking counntries, like the usa, and others that seem to be where people like you choose to live or receive their educations. these are the same countries who are asked to share their modern technologies in countries like iraq to improve daily living conditions there, because they are incapable or can't figure out how to do it for themselves. - part 1.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           DigitalBytch from USA
terrorists sure do terrible things. this action to bulgarian dude can never be justified. however, the deaths of 12000 innocents can never be justified either. loss is a loss. what remains is a task to rebuild iraq; either the way usa wants or people of iraq want, both ways don't seem too bright to me. situation only seem to be getting worse. let's see... now for americans, serious explanation is needed from your admin regarding the mess: an intractable war, the loss of allies and international good will, a half trillion dollar deficit. meanwhile all i can do is praying for those victims of the war. please rest in peace dear bulgarian friend.
 () IP Address:                          Doug from Canada
ibiriham from canada, you evidence of coalition forces helping iraq? getting rid of saddam, rebuilding their crumbling infrastructure, it is the foreign fighters and insurgents who make things bad for them. you do not see the usa pulling up in a car and blowing people up, you do not see the usa cutting peoples heads off, yeah i will admit that whole prison scandal was fcked up. bu really ibriham, you should know that it is the insurgents and foregin fighters, even alot of the clerics know that. come on man, you really dont think the usa is there to destroy them, if they were, iraq would have been a sand box in the first day of the war.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                            jeff from illinois(USA)
ibraham - what has the arab or the mujahadeen ever done for the iraqi? -other than succed in killing even more iraqis then the british or americans who they are supposed to be targeting. if the mujahadeen can not learn to shoot straight or blow up bombs in the right places, -or build schools and help get electricity back, i say they should go back to the madrassas and 'terrorists training camps' until they can learn to do all of the above . . -in the right way. -do you think?
Good Comment  () IP Address:                         mustaffa from algiers
you folks that think that the us is over there slaughtering innocents do not understand what's going and have never been there. i have been there and all of the violence committed by the us after 1 may 2003 has been in self defense and retailiation from resistant terrorist fighters. we have no goal of killing innocent civilians...none. i you people knew the amount of planning and thought that goes into minimizing civilian injusries and death before an operation...you may not have the same opinion of the situation. if the terrorist activities stopped...the us would not fire another round of ammunition.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          US Serviceman from US
kevin. thanks again for proving my point about your mental capacity. you dont like the term" sodomizing"? well that was done in your illegal prison camps. since the term ****ually assaulted has become part of our regular focabulary, nobody pays any attention anymore. i guess it is just part of every day live now to the best army in the world. feel free to insult me to relieve your pressure.i know where it is coming from. please do not feel that we need the usa to much, we have more reliable bussiness partners for canada because every deal ever made with the usa is only being honored if it is good for you guys.nobody ever wins dealing with the usa, not until reliable people start taking over. hope george from usa is one of them. he might like it.you see i can tell you without insults. can you?
 () IP Address:                         robert from canada
us serviceman, you are so right. but to the extremists, if you guys kill a so called freedom fighter that is considered wrong. how fked up is that?!?! i know if the insurgency was gone and clerics like al-sadr would quit spreading hate, iraq would be a very peaceful nation that would be rebuilt very fast.
 () IP Address:                            jeff from illinois(USA)
chump: if your going to spout lies, ie sodomizing, then your going to get this yankee all ranzi...whaterver that means. base your rants on fact...simple and plain. you get all worked up and start saying s/h/i/t you know nothing about. and yet again, i did not vote for bush and do not support this war. i have told you this 10 times but you only have one argument. if an american defends anything we are instant bush lovers, don't take out of context, and want to kill the world for oil. your narrow view of things ****eon holes all american opinions.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                            Kevin from USA
this is for puke from puke ville: just like i promised: the ratts are leaving the sinking ship. now there are only 32 coalition accomplices left, with more leaving. other countrys have come to realise that the war against an immaginary opponent is sheer lunacy and way to expensive. countrys have other priorities now adays than to back up a loosing battle. jeff is right. only a total pull out would show the world that the usa is willing to pick up the peaces. and please: do not insist to help, wait till you are asked. the mere presence of a small invading force would only be a pebble in an iraqi sandal.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                         robert from canada
burislav from bulgaria. tell the iraqis some other noble alternative as to how they should liberate their country from the ****ic occupation powers. you say that you liberated them from saddam but iraqis and whole world say no and that the occupation is illegal. bulgarian soldiers should rebel against their governemnt stand to send troops to iraq to involve in this illegal war.
 () IP Address:                         Wali from Pakistan
sup kev. i know wut you're sayin. but hard to say usa is actually there to help iraq. why the heck do you wanna help iraq for nothing in return? all reasons(excuses) from your government have been bull s/h/i/t as you might already know. it's hard for non-american to buy what your government is telling and those who claim and posting usa's intention is pure sound all not so convincing. cuz i'm very sure americans don't really care about innocent iraqis dying as long as their troops are safe. look at the issues of rwanda.
 () IP Address:                          Jamal from Crawford
it seems to me that most americans supporting the so called "war on terror" no longer believe in bush´s talk about "good and ****", "fight for democracy and human rights", etc. you seem to realise that bush in reality had alterior motives for going to war, right? add to that notion, the facts that saddam had no wmds and that there were no links to the perpetrators of 911. what is then left to believe in? that your leader, although with other objectives in mind than making lives better for the iraqi people, and despite overwhelming facts showing that you attacked an unarmed and relatively innocent nation, you still think he's doing the right thing? with an iraqi uprising on your neck, much, much worse than anything saddam experienced? why do you still support the war? please explain to a stupid swede...
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
if sweden was run by a dictator like saddam, i would probably like to be liberated by a democratic country. but if this liberation included half of my family gettting killed and living in a society with no food and clean water, no medicines and bombs falling every second day, year in, year out, for ten years or more, i don't think i would cherish democracy and liberation from dictatorship that much. and if the "liberator" had alterior motives behind the liberation, for example, economical and political, i would probably start looking on him more like an occupier than a liberator. this fact, together with hatred and despair because the "liberator" had killed so many of my loved ones, would in the end probably lead to me joining the resistance...
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter from sweden,saddam had no trouble because he just gassed who he did not like or killed in a manner of his choice.and if you do not want people to think your stupid do not call youself stupid even if you do not mean it.all of the people on this site do not understand english well and take it out of context,as you can see by some of the answers.
 () IP Address:                            George from canada
this is just inhuman and very brutal. this is what these islamic fanatics no-brain are all about. even in other peoples war, even enemies deserved respect. but these are the islamic fanatics. no shame bottom animals.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                             S.J. from Philippines
the war on iraq was all based on the assumption that saddam had wmds and was preparing to hit the world. bush wants us to believe this urged the entire world to fight in and get a piece of oil. yet blair said wmds may never be found, in other words they never existed. what is bush explanation for his assumption? he will not take a chance to explain or apologize at least to the iraqi people for his mistakes. george from canada; i suggest you respect yourself and do not say “all of the people on this site do not understand english well and take it out of context”. let see how many languages do you speak other than english? at least these people you are talking about are educating themselves to learn languages. can or do you speak arabic??
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           Hope from Germany
george from canada: according to cia-officer stephen c. pelletiere, saddam never used gas on his own people: "pelletiere says the united states defence intelligence agency investigated and produced a classified report following the halabja gassing, which it circulated within the intelligence community on a need-to-know basis. "that study asserted that it was iranian gas that ki11ed the kurds, not iraqi gas," he wrote in the new york times. pelletiere write that these facts have "long been in the public domain but, extraordinarily, as often as the halabja affair is cited, they are rarely mentioned." pelletiere wrote that saddam hussein has much to answer for in the area of human rights abuses. "but accusing him of gasing his own people at halabja as an act of genocide is not correct." (from inter press service, london, july 2)
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter from sweden – for once i agree with you. indeed you are a ‘stupid swede’ as you term yourself. #1, regarding iraq, you ignore saddam hussein’s cruelties and focus instead on the rare times the u.s. stumbled. #2, you are not rational about israel. the issue is beheading of bulgarians, in iraq, by arab terrorists. what is all this mossad black/false flag ops – as if the israelis needed that to make the palestinians look cruel (they do a darned good job of it on their own). i wonder if you are not yourself a black flag op from some swedish psych ward.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           logician from usa
there is an iraqi man on here telling everyone what is really happening and he is in baghdad. please read ali from iraq's post he is telling the truth. he is the one living through all of this . god bless all of you and keep you in the palm of his hand.
 () IP Address:                            debby from usa
kamel in usa and iraqi in usa: what are you doing here? if you so hate the us, why did you come to the country that probably welcomed you with open arms? i agree with the us soldier that if insurgents quite firing on them, another shot would never be fired by the us. for the arabs that continue to say that 9/11 was actually the work of the us and the zionists: are you totally deaf and illiterate? bin laden and his group have taken credit for the terrorist attacks. they are arabs...not americans or jews. what is it you don't comprehend about this. while i have no fondness for bush, when he said he was going to go after those who brought terror to the us, he did exactly that. the us took great effort to limit civilian damage. don't you realize what they could do if they decided not to worry about civilians? let the rebuilding begin.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                            Belgie from Belgium
yee haa logician... nice one. there are so many hand wringing, mamby-pamby european and canadian sissies on this sight it is hard to take. they hate america becasue they are jealous. their countries and cultures are being absorbed. when one feels inadequate, it is easy to call others names. when someone needs some heavy lifting (****, communism, natural disasters, etc) they call the usa. when they don't need to be saved, they gripe. grow up people and take your medicine. we are the light for the world. not perfect, but the best we have.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
nik from balkans, if you are angry at the turks, i am angry too at them they hanged and killed our people too, they killed arabs and muslims in their dark days, it seems you are the one who need to go to school and difrenciate between arabs and turks. digitalbytch: if you are telling me that usa is offering its technology to iraqies to improve their lives, i think you know the meaning of a word spelled like this "sanctions", iraqi people suffered because of usa ignorance and false calims for the last 25 years, all what usa want in the area is their own interests, after all the damage done to iraq you are telling me that iraq need us technology, how pathetic. well you better pick up some iraqi existing technology and wait for better one in the making.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                             Ibrahim from Canada
ibrahim you go against the theory that 2 wrongs don't make a right. i'll take what the wise ali from iraq has to say over your perverse hate guided rhetoric. remember it was you who challenged me to a fight first then you backed down when i said ok let's go. you are a pathetic loser.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                            Adrian from Canada
the bulgarian soldiers in iraq are professional peace-keepers. that is how we, the bulgarian people, see and think of them. that is how the bulgarian goverment sees them - as peace-keepers and nothing else. many of these professional soldiers have already served in bosnia, kosovo, afghanistan and cambodia - some already have a few tours of duty under their belts - and were never cosidered occupiers by the locals. quite the contrary. they are under strict orders not to fire their weapons - in any way, shape or form - unless attacked directly. they can't arrest, detain, search or kill anyone.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Black Monday from BG
peter from sweden -- a further note: i am impressed by how fast you are able to research your responses and come up with these quotations from the new york times. you must have some prodigious memory and must be a super fast typist. or perhaps you are not ‘peter’ at all. the manner in which you reel off stock answers makes me think that you are a ‘peter committee’ of apologists for al qaeda, hamas, hezbollah and other agencies of arab terror, parceling out the work of responding these posts.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           logician from usa
ibrahim from canada: who said bulgaria is bowing to us pressure? the insurgents??? there are many europeans that are proud to support this cause, if not you... aahh, forget it. you can't even spell, why am i telling you anything beyond what a 3rd grader would comprehend? also, csh in cali: am i not afforded, via my right to free speech, the opportunity to tell you, "if you don't like it, get the **** out"???
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                          Jason from US
jason from the usa i posted an apology on an earlier article. it was wrong for me to question your patriotism. you served your country and have my full respect. my sincerest apology.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                            Adrian from Canada
ibrahim. please read the unmovic report from mar '03. you can find it on the official un site. it is interesting reading, especially all the parts where the former iraqi government documents the usage of wmd, to prove that they have none left. like 4000 tonnes of cw agains iran!
 () IP Address:                             Chris from Thailand
logician from usa: lol! =) as usual the stupid americans starts to insult when they have nothing meaningful to say. everyone who disagrees is an enemy, right? american democracy in the 21st century? what's different between you guys and the nazis, fundamentalists (of all religions) and communists? i say nothing at all. but you are so brainwashed with stupid patriotic bs, lame hollywood movies, a schoolsystem where 18-yearolds don't even know where europe, africa or asia is on the worldmap, no one speaks any other language than english, etc, etc. you stuff your faces with fatty food, watch some more tv ("sports! leno!") and scream obscenities the rest of the time. when you're not buzy shooting eachother or hating the rest of the world (who, according to you, are nothing but ungrateful and "jealous" of the us), that is. tg i'm european! =)
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
oh peter, much of what you say has a ring of truth to it. but with only 5% of the world's population, we produce 33.5% of the gdp. not bad for a dumb bunch of cussing, tv watching, mono-lingual retards. examine your soul and you will see the seeds of jealousy. the truth will set you free. who would you rather have in our place? europe? france? china? get real.
 () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
false"ali"from"iraq" and "gorgeous" debby from"usa" "the land of native indians" no baby debby ur hero is afalse one he is not iraqi and he s like u an american basterd ,well he s basterd u r **** ,and now here s his exposure a question read and answer in arabic عدد خمس مدن عراقية موزعة على الشمال و الجنوب؟hhhaha basterd u cannot .sorrrrrry debby
 () IP Address:                            مازنmazen from سوريةsyria
peter and hope from germany.you see you took it out of context hope.when it is said all the people do not it is meant that everyone does not understand.not that all or everybody does not.i am just saying that all or everybody might not understand that peter is not saying he is stupid which i think he is not.and peter i meant he was gassing the kurds.does that make him better to you.i hope not.
 () IP Address:                            George from canada
peter from sweden, notice logician's post don't really consist of logical explanation rather an insult just because his view is different from yours. do not reply every thread he posts. he ain't worth a word. he's suffering from "no growth, mindless struggle". try to reason your opinions, logician.
 ( IP Address:                          Doug from Canada
hey sparky from usa us canadians are not whining or complaining about the us at all(at least no one that i know). you can't expect that we have to kiss your ass because we have the longest unprotected border in the world,i mean how do you think that all the drugs and us criminals get here into canada,it's a catch 22 situation for americans and canadians.
 () IP Address:                            jj from canada
peter from sweden. my daughter has a fairly good knowledge of spanish, is learning russian this summer and will spend two weeks in russia next summer. she is 15. regards, michael
 () IP Address:                              Michael G from USA
hey jj from canada. touche'. i'll give you that one, ha ha :-). i know all canadians are not negative, just a ton in here. i live 40 miles from you in wa state.
 () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
robert from canada you are such a low life disgusting person. i know all canadians are not like you because i have "snowbird" friends that i see every winter and they are nothing like you are. they are kind loving people that do not hate the us, they love coming here to keep warm in the winter and they love the people here . you are making your fellow countrymen look bad so please shut up with the us slander.
 () IP Address:                            moon from earth
just wanted to tell you guys. all your pro or anti war posts are well respected and read if they consist of logics and reasons. personally i appreciate those who post here with right intention, thereby i learn and get to adopt ideas and views from all over the world. pointless insult is where misconception is born and eventually results in leading to hatred towards each other.
 () IP Address:                          Doug from Canada
doug from canada -- fair enough, you caught me with my emotions showing. i want to always be rational but its hard to do so in 850 characters. peter is so glib, so sure and (from his style of speaking and his intimate knowledge of u.s. trivia) so american, that i can not believe that he is 'of sweden' tho he may be 'in sweden'. his branding of those that he disagrees with as nazis, i find infuriating. it reminds me of the nazi government's official response to the kristalnacht pogram in 1938. after synagogues were burned, businesses ****ed and 100's of people killed across germany, the government fined the jewish community 2 billion marks for provoking the anger of ordinary germans.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
another demonstration of "freedom fighters heroism" now all that is required is the nkvd/ ss, north korean police, pol pot style response, for every hostage 100 prisoners and their families relocated (into a pit). how about some constructive comment in this forum, again answer, if you can read, the issues raised by ali of iraq?? yes amir of malaysia - it would be nice if an election could be held in iraq, but how can one hold an election without intimidation in the security of a ballot whilst ****s are blowing up, murdering civillians? have a happy day
 () IP Address:                         patch from australia
logician from usa. the nazis burnt the synagougs, the americans are burning the mosques. i still remember when they didn't stop the bombing during ramadan. believe me. you are not one bit better than the nazis were in the eyes of the world. the only difference is that you are stronger than they were, and will unfortunately, never be punished for your crimes.
 () IP Address:                           chris from canada
arab jews get a life. deal with each other no ges any thing done by killing each other. talk it out and get a long . if you were my kids i'd slap ya.
 () IP Address:                           rcl from usa
i find it very ironic that my parents who are from norway who passed along time ago thought so well of america.i am born in the states and always thought people from sweden,norway,denmark etc liked us.guess i learn things all the time.as i write this i relize it is unimportant.but i see it did not take long to forget about the headless guy in the jumpsuit from the posts including mine.just shows this will pass as all does and people will go on doing whatever best serves there purpose.good luck and may that bulgarian rest in peace.
 () IP Address:                           George from canada
i would rather have the us without the neocons in dc hi-jacking your country, ok? the us used to be a shining beacon for many good things. but not any more. if you choose to let ignorant patriotism blind you from seeing that, fine, let it be that way then. but don't come whining when the rest of the entire world hates you (we're getting there, whether you like it or not). but oh, i forgot, that's just because the rest of the world is "jealous", right? do what the f.ck you want - drop nukes on china and europe, ki11 everyone that doesn't kiss bush´s, wolfowitz´, perle´s, feith´s, wohlstetter´s, rubin´s, wurmser´s, rumsfeld´s, sharon´s, dov zakheim´s feet... you just do it because "it's an ongoing fight against **** and we're doing the lord´s will", isn't it? good night, friends!
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
sick nik from bulgaria.whome r u lieing u know that ur country had committed an atrocity by invading another soverign country.all the **** american propoganda u know as i know s rubbish and yet u r repeating it.u r mature enough to know that invasion is invasion and occupation s occupation .full stop.u participated in that atricious invasion and instead of blaming the criminal who s america and ur government u r blaming the victim,is that fair mr nik?let ur concience answer if u have one.u keep talking about turky dear turky was as bad for us arab as for u.under their ottman empire we were left behind while europ prospered,moreover they r the best friend to our enemy usa and isreal.so u blame us for what turky did to u,again is that fair? occupation =resistance and relegion has nothing to do here.u suffered dont make the others suffer
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                            مازنmazen from سوريةsyria
let me guess which one of u will blame this killing on the jews ???? i know someone out there will say its their fault. its like the majority of people who comment on this site feel that the us and the jews are the cause of every single problem in the world. and if you feel that way grow up and quit being a victim. you want to beat the us and the jews? then quit feeling sorry for urselves, if not shut up!
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           AA from UK
do they have decaf in sweden, peter? yikes. you are wound a little tight, man. the usa is the best choice for world leader. not perfect, but who is better? go take a nap. you know we love you here, peter. take it easy. put your weapons down, ha ha
 () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
chris from canada – you have a persuasive way of speaking with a nice turn of the phrase, even inserting a bit of symmetry in your sentence (nazis burn synagogues, americans burn mosques). however it is merely propaganda and it does not hold up under examination. perhaps a mosque was burned somewhere sometime (although i doubt it – don’t you think al j. would trumpet it. i believe you do read al j. i do.) if i am a nazi in the “eyes of the world” (and there you may be correct), that fact alone does not make me a nazi. in the 14th century, almost everyone in the world thought the earth was flat. the fact the people equate america with nazi germany (or israel for that matter) merely means that people are growing up with an irrational paranoid view of reality.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
every body; mazen wite in arabic "i" "am" a "****" . . -and yes, his arabic is almost as bad as his english. now mazen, please translate this to english for everybody; "boos teezi, inta sharmoot" -uh, i mean "inti sharmoota" -in yor case mazen. "inta humara, sadekie" -mazen thats the berber arabic, but you know what i mean.
 () IP Address:                         mustaffa from algiers
aa from uk: when bush blames "al qaeda" for 9-11, no sane people say that he puts blame on all muslims or arabs, right? or when someone says that kaddaffi´s secret police was behind the lockerbie-disaster, no one can say that it´s an "anti-arab-statement", right? but when someone (me for example) points out that the only ones who benefit from these horrible beheadings of foreigners in iraq, basically is sharon (and bush), and that the mossad is famous for fighting their wars using deception and false flag ops, then suddenly i´m blaming all jews. where's the logic in that? why is it ok to blame arab and muslim groups and organisations for advanced and "****" conspiracies without being a racist, but considered extremly anti-semitic and racist to raise even the slightest suspicions against an israeli organisation or group of people?
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
following your logic peter, i guess all swedes are to blame for those ****py meatballs you guys invented. not to mention that whole viking scourge 1) all the 9/11 hijackers were arab. 2) no one says the israelis are without blame. 3) the semsless violence like beheadings is very similar to the behavior of the vikings. hey, i am starting to profile your biases here, ha ha. remember... decaf.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
peter from 'sweden' - i guess you are having difficulty falling asleep. lets examine your last post. almost every sane person accepts that al qaeda was behind 9/11 -- that's a 99.99% certainty. lockerbie and libya, lets say 85% (some still think syria had a hand in it.) mossad decapitaing people in iraq to make arabs look bad, lets be generous and give it 0.05% possibility. with your reasoning, since all of the above are possible (true) therefore all of the above are reasonable (patently false). therefore, the israel secret service is as bad as the arab terrorists (false). the comments in parentheses are my own.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
sparky: i'm almost starting to like you... in fact, i have tons of american (and canadian) friends, most of them are really nice people (that´s why the us gets away with all this bush-scheit, you know). you're right, the vikings were a bunch of****king b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s. r.a.p.i.n.g french women, burning english villages, chopping of munk´s heads... we must have been those days´ equivalence of the us marines... just kidding, ok? hmmm... maybe it actually is swedes gone crazy behind the beheadings in iraq? the swedish chef with the sharp knives in the muppet show, remember him? you never know, the world's strange these days. btw - decaf is for american sissies... ;) now i'm definetely going to bed!
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
and (peter from sweden), the fact that this kind of logic seems so appealing to you does in fact raise the suspicion that you might in fact be 'extremely anti-semitic'. have i convinced you? i doubt it. but perhaps someone else out there will read this post and start to think more clearly.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
as a soldier for the united states army i can honestly say that i will never understand this war. but as an american and a soldier i will go anywhere to fight for my country. regarding iraq we don't want to take over anything we are just there to serve and protect all we want is freedom for ur country, just as u have families so do we. we are not monsters nor are we ur enemy we are there to help. for those who behead innocent people to get ur message through blood is never the answer, blood just creates more violence. god bless the united states and all those who seek for freedom.........
Good Comment  () IP Address:                         US ARMY RANGER from USA
logician: rest assured, i have nothing against the jewish religion. not more than christianity or islam, that is. jews are alright people (and here comes the the usual cliché: "i know many jews, some are really good friends..."). i just have a big problem with zionism as it manifests itself today. and neoconservatism. and nationalism. and blind patroitism. and communism. and religious fundamentalism. and so on.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... ;)
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter, allow my input. your statement: "the only ones who benefit from these horrible beheadings of foreigners in iraq, basically is sharon (and bush)". are not the philippines pulling out because of the risk of a beheading? from here it looks like they are, and if so, who does that benefit? clearly not us, we are rather miffed about it. so, who? regards, michael
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Michael G from USA
peter from sweden -- i believe you are sincere in your last post. furthermore i have no problem with your views about israel, its government and its society. (i do wish you would avoid the term zionist. it seems to me that it's rapidly becoming a code word). now i am going into the realm of pure speculation, if you want to tell me i'm totally off base, it's ok. you are entitled. i think you are about as swedish as my uncle hymie. you can not be anything but american based on your way of expressing yourself. my theory (assuming i am correct) is that you are very radical in your views and to admit that you are really peter from peoria or peter from tulsa would send a message that someone could think like you do, speak like you do, in this country without being decapitated. that sort of undercuts your basic argument, hense 'sweden'.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                           logician from usa
i am so sick and tired of hearing about how horrible the us is....especially from people who live here. if it is so horrible, please leave. why stay? if you're embarrassed by this country, leave. go somewhere else and see how you like living there. we could care less where you go. just leave. only people who love this country and who support this wonderful country should live here. isn't it interesting that everyone from foreign countries come here? why? if it is so horrible, why do they come here? it's because they know it is the land of opportunity...the land of the free...the best on earth!
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Martha from USA
so when is patriotism a negative characteristic. that is the difference between most americans and the rest of the world. our country was founded by patriots. if you are an american that sits behind a desk and find yourself complaining because you are inconvenienced when you travel overseas just remember what your descendents went through to get to this country and many of them fought for our way of life that you take for granted everyday. be a part of the solution and not the problem. support your country instead of betraying it.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                          tbb from usa
martha and tbb. sweeter words were never spoken. i agree. everyone beats up on us until they need to save sudan or provide earthquake relief or have our aircraft carriers show up off their coasts to discourage one of their enemies from attacking them. this is a great country - not perfect but we always try to be better. regardless of how it hurts. we are strong - but we are fair. we do not colonize. we feed and provide medicine for the world. but people snipe at us. that is the burden of the great. it is a compliment in a way. you don't see france, germany or sweden risking lives to free people living in tyranny. that is our job. thankless, but our burden. :-) god bless the usa
 () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
logician from usa. bad guess. peter uses the ripe network for his internet connection, it is based in amsterdam. he is definately located in europe. you use verizon. regards, michael
 () IP Address:                           Michael G from USA
tbb. by the way, the europeans are not patriotic becasue they are actively trying to give up their soverienty to the european union. they view the nation state as a bad thing. the larger socialist goal is what they desire. the usa and its "independence" flies in the face of the euro-centric and united nations oriented world view they hold. they seek an order that france and germany control - not the usa. thus they nitpick at us over this and that. one thing for sure, we cannot trust old europe anymore - except the uk. teh new europe is much less hostile. bottom line - our system outproduces them and always will. with that comes real power.
 () IP Address:                              Buddy-bou from USA
it maked me sick whenever i hear people being slaughter or bombed.these kind of barbaric act is certainly not acceptable. these apply to the freedom fighters and coalitions troops.as for the freedom fighters i can understand that they have nothing to loose since they have lost everything due to this illegal war of bush and its allies.i belief the freedom fighters will keep on growing every day until the coalition troops is totally our of their country.for the coalition troops to die in iraq is totally madness.is it worthy to lost your love one knowing that the war in iraq is created by bush for his personal gained.what a pitty.....
 () IP Address:                           none from spore
it is not an illegal war. not at all. what law did we break? can't be illegal without breaking the law. remember the united nations resolutions? nothing illeagl here. the sad thing is, you would rather have saddam still in power. the arabs cry about their rights, but seem very happy when the mass graves fill up by their own hand. i don't get it. why is there no democracies in the arab world? not one. the nay-sayers seem fine with that. sad
 () IP Address:                              Sparky from USA
micheal g. from the usa - just goes to prove that you should never buy a stock or bet on a horse based on one of my tips. thanks for enlightening me.
 () IP Address:                          logician from usa
kamel from usa, iraqi from usa & jamila from us-as long as your are living in here the american are the "us" and the "we." therefore, if you call the americans invaders, criminals etc., you are describing yourself. you can be against the war without these kinds of demonizations.if you feel so strongly that everything about america and its people are bad,leave. i doubt you will find many other places you will like better where you could even begin to criticize the government in such safety. as to your rants about some huge islamic army rising up to kill us all, get a clue. the peoples of the middle east, particularly their rulers could never put aside their petty power struggles long enough for such a thing to happen in my lifetime. as to robert in canada - get a life. every time i check this board you are here spilling your filth.
 () IP Address:                           Susan from US
seriously, why are so many muslims bashing the west living in england, canada, and australia. like mazen, you say you are from syria but how come you live near st. albans or near london? if you are so unhappy with the west than how come you live off its riches?
 () IP Address:                           Citizen from USA
ibrahim from canada, you are wrong. the captors demanded the release of "all iraqis held in iraq prisons" by coalition forces indiscriminately (including criminals). it has nothing to do with bulgarian troops there. those truck drivers didn't have anything to do with the war, either; they had delivered a car (for sale) to an address in iraq. they worked to support their family, there's no reason to kill them. even i don't support the war in iraq but i feel unfair when people accuse the us for everything wrong. there were earthquakes in iran, was that because of the shock created by the us bombings in iraq, too?
 () IP Address:                           american from somewhere
i simply cannot believe anyone who posts a comment on here that we are there entirely for our benefit. esp when you consider that we are losing american lives.. working up on one thousand at this point. i have friends over there and they send me emails that state we americans only see the negative on our media. they are thanked daily in baghdad for liberating them of the terrorist hussein. for any coward to sit in canada and say how bad we are.i dare you to walk into our country and say that to president bush. bush has taken a no bs approach to terrorism and freeing the world of the attrocious acts they commit. no matter what politics landed us here,there is one thing that is most important. iraqi's and their ability to taste freedom for the first time. i did not vote for bush last election. but you can **** sure believe i will this year.
 () IP Address:                            Liberation from USA
what a disgustingly insensitive folks you americans are. you are killing, maiming iraqis, destroy their homes and their livelihoods and have the impertinence to expect them to be grateful for it. i must say, you are a bunch of a-holes or you are just plain insane. you remind me of serial killers who have a perfect explanation why they do it. and they, too are convinced that what they do is good for humankind and the victims. i feel like vomiting when i read that you are mixing god into this. the god i know will never bless murderers. because that is what you are. your president, your soldiers, and every one of you who supports this war.
 () IP Address:                           chris from canada
mazen you are sick… 1. who can have internet in the dictator’s country like syria? 2. why you are crying for saddam – if he had succeeded in kuwait, you were next – to make you slaves there. 3.the embargo to iraq was unsuccessful thanks mainly to france (“opposing the war”), which was well profiting from the cheap iraqis oil. this way saddam got 4bln $ in his personal accounts, instead for food and medicines. 4. as a bulgarian i am proud of my country and for the help for liberating iraqis – nobody have to expect that we’ll bow to the terrorists. once we start the job, usually we are trying to get it to the end.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
مازنmazen from سوريةsyria - you are such an ****-stupid person..your talking is none sense.. you should be in a place where all born to kill and destroyed innocent people.. i'd rather talk to a cat than you fooled person..
 () IP Address:                           snipper from philippines
it is for sure that the reason for the war in iraq was not for the weapons – it will be naïve to think about. so the real reason was to clean that part of the world before it is too late and new hitler is on power there. after attack at wtc there were not that many options here. you could imagine if somebody attack eiffel tower or reichstag… france and germany will be the first to ask for nato help to attack and clean the middle east from the growing terrorism activities there. now they just don’t want to share the price. they want the security for free… so please peter and other west europeans, don’t be that foolish. yesterday the terrorists attack us, today spain, tomorrow – any country in the world. this needs to be stopped – you cannot negotiate with the animals, living in 15ac (bc – no difference), which still beheading ppls.
 () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
the middle east is a region gone coco. people with bad behavior (islamic maniacs) using god, to do this and that. its filled w/terrorists and being terrorized. culture of fear and ill will to mankind other than what they beleived in. area full of tyrants and dictator regimes. oil revenues consentrated on powerfull elites who preserve the ignorance of their ignorant people. wake up you people. israel has nukes and iran will have one too. what a scary fireworks!
 () IP Address:                            Boboy D. from Philippines
not hard to see why this world is the way it is.reading some of these posts make it clear as day.sad situation but as all it will also pass and life will go on.luck to you all and try to stop hateing eachother so much.forget the last part i know it useless.
 () IP Address:                           george from Canada
well i remember that statue of saddam coming down..remember what flag was put up on the statue first...it was an american flag not an iraqi flag...anyone else remember this? i sure as hell do...to say america doesnt have a hidden agenda your very naeive...also america cannot afford to nation build...look at the dollar its about worth as much now as the mickey mouse money you get in canada..with a spiralling foreign debt 33% gdp is pretty irrelevant..i feel sorry for the people of america..bush will get another 4..he'll play his usama is dead card in october...your country is falling apart...nation building is only going to accelerate the process..empires come and go..and the smallest empire in history is next to crumble
 () IP Address:                            generichumanoid from belize
please stop the earth's turning, because i want to get down! i can't understand why the religions separate us, the people. bulgaria isn't a paradise, but on our land do live people of all existing religions and we live without war. i have and i want to have more friends from all the earth, because i agree the difference of all the people. our soldiers are in iraq, like they were in kosovo and bosnia, only to help and to keep the peace as far as it's possible. our soldiers didn't kill anyone in iraq. ask the iraqi government for our help for the people in kerbala, iraq. we are in iraq not to help usa economics, we don't like bush but really because we believe that every little support is a help from human to human. thank you very much. i want only to be friend with all of you, i respect all religions and i can't understand these hatred
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           A man from Bulgaria
to the iraqi living in the usa theres a plane flying to the mid east tonite get on it. ohh yeah you might just have to leave what you are enjoying here in the usa. talk about exploitation you come here to obviously get out of iraq for some reason. then you sit here and criticize our policies leave we don't need any more dead beats here. you come here for freedom and a better life but then you complain about the same things you came here for. what is it education, money, tax free living in exile, jobs, or what. i don't want you here i don't need you here. as they say around my part of this great country if you don't like it leave it. don't come here hiding from a country you obviously had problems with and complain about where you live now. go back to the sand, the heat, and the oppression. there were alot of choices of where to go whyhere
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           to iraqi from USA
peter from sweden: i liked your post on the israeli "maariv international" newspaper's ****. the one titled "are all jews crooked"? with that one title, you made abundantly clear what you're all about. sieg heil peter, der neue fuhrer!
 () IP Address:                           Dave from USA
the bulgarian government must rethink on its policy on iraq. the wmd's were absent, there was no terror link. then why the hell is keeping its troops in iraq. is it not because of the blind support to the usa, o comeon if u live life on principles and truth and rule being accountable your country's will be respected by the world community. stop being a puppy of usa./ as for the main headline comment ....orange jumpsuit...is it not the same uniform guantanamo bay detainees are forced to wear. and these detainees r also being held illegally by the americans ****s.
Standard Comment  () IP Address:                          omar hassan from india
hey iraqi from usa: don't people in this country have the right to say what's on their minds? obviously, you come on this ****, a citizen of this country, and continue complaining about our foreign policies around the world. this, of course, is your right. so when people hear you bad mouth their native country and decide to say some things that you may not like, you attack them and hypocritically accuse them of backlashing? talk about double standards. guess what my friend: that's there opinion of what they think about you. you don't like it? tough. just realize there are still some people in this country who support this president and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the betterhood of this country's future. i am sick and tired of these liberal pansies in this country.
 () IP Address:                             plight from USA
omar hassan from india, holding prisoners is different from killing them. the two truck drivers are civillian working to support their family. they have nothing to do with the war, they had delivered a car (for sale) to an iraqi address. what was wrong with that? put it this way, no matter how india & pakistan are not getting along, would it have made any sense if pakistani muslims killed an indian for delivering a car to a house in pakistan? let pray for innocent people being killed by any sides.
 () IP Address:                           american from somewhere
i think everyone wants freedom. every country wants to live with their own government, freedom to do goods not ****. if a ask you, f ur an american and some foreign countries wants to handle ur nation with their way of governing. d you think you willfollow them? of course not. i know iraqui wants freedom. understand them because they have their own belief. they have nothing to do but to behead their victims. f u see the beheading scene in tv, and what you feel for it, iraquis are feel also waht you feel of what you seen in tv. anyway, what ive been talk here is freedom,we have geneva convention to punish what country is doing immortal, maybe from this generation america si the strongest ever, powerful, but we didnt know, wat if someday one of the strogest country like iraq goes to be the strogest?and usa wil conquered? karma goes on......
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          homer from philippines
since we are so deeply in the process of debasement of all things american and the manner in which the world would be so, so improved by the absence of their philosophy, permit me to bring a small point to the fore. if you are not muslim, according to the doctrine espoused by these "freedom fighters", then you are ****. which means that instead of being an issue of policy, or birth, or even social standing, which seems to be filling these posts, it is am i jew, christian, hindu, muslim, or whichever you might be. i believe that the definition of monotheist in the "freedom fighters" view is there there is only one god and he is mine. if he is not yours, then die. this, i believe, is soundly refuted by all religious leaders in islam that i have spoken with. so how are these "freedom fighters" supported by any true muslim?
Good Comment  () IP Address:                             John from USA
and before anyone should attempt to tell me that this is not about religion but about oil, why is it that in every case it is the former which is taken as the rationale for murder, decapitaiton, mutilation, and the other holy acts that are undertaken? this is about money. who has it, who wants, it, and where it should be distributed. if i am to be robbed, then rob me; beaten, then beat me. but do not cloak your conscience in the mantle of doing this under the approval of any god.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                             John from USA
homer from philippines, if iraq had the power & weapons that the us has now, "" it's the end of the world "". why? they would use wmds to strike old enemies of iraq (and islam). there are many countries happened to have wmds, too (like irael, the us, russia, ...) they would surely strike back. then, you know what!
 () IP Address:                           american from somewhere
omar, who told you bulgarian are there for the wmd or for the terrorist? our soldiers are just peacekeeper in iraq, not killer. so your thinking is starting of presumption that saddam was legitimate in iraq. but who elect him – wasn’t he gain the power through baatist’s coup? didn’t he make several wars on almost all his neighbors? didn’t he kill innocent iraqis for political and religious differences? finally didn’t he bankrupt one of the richest of oil countries (****100bln $ dept), keeping his peoples dying hungry w/o medicine and building tens of castles in the same time? so what is wrong to be removed from power? i know – iraq’s quite totalitarian neighbors don’t like the idea. the richest on the planet elite is feeling jeopardized from the iraq’s example. so they are purring now money in the foreigner terrorists in iraq.
 () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
no excuse for beheadings. but maybe an explanaion. read this article of sodimizing iraqis by us troops: news.indep endent.co.uk/ world/middle****east/ story.jsp? story=541472
 () IP Address:                          the truth from world
mazen, i think you are lying and ali is telling the truth. you sound like an **** person. you need to get god in your life and start loving instead of hating. god bless you.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           debby from usa
news of this hamas terrorist's death is most excellent news indeed! i am most pleased to hear of this news, and while some sausages are larger than others, some being large and some quite small, i must admit that i am in possession of a sausage of the larger variety.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           Jason from USA
nothing will make me agree that beheading inocent people has an explanation or excuse... and from today on noone can make me believe that islam is a religion of peace as they try to make us believe...
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Bilyana from United Kingdom
only **** behead people. these are not "freedom fighters" . robert from canada, if you think the us's ship is sinking , please don't hold your breath waiting. or then again maybe you should hold you breath and wait, we might be rid of you.
 () IP Address:                           moon from earth
dear robert, the actions of a very few people in abu ghraib have been recognized as inexcusable by the entire coc. those who undertook these actions are subject to ucmj and are being prosecuted. the personnel in abu ghraib at the time were primarily reservists. not that they were poor soldiers, but they were reservists and were subjected to constant mortar, small arms, and rocket attack. please note that these were harassment attacks as there was never any possiblity of "liberating" abu ghraib. i do not recall seeing photographs of iraq bodies being immolated, descrated, dragged through the streets, and hung from a bridge. yet the oldest civilzation on earth views the above as being cause for joy. of course the reflex reaction is that if the us were not there none of this would happen, well, not that you would have seen,
 () IP Address:                             John from USA
a few things are strange for me - most of the comments here have nothing in common with the article above - it’s just talking place for the usual things of the life. people, one innocent man is killed, he's not "executed", he's killed! isn't it too serious for you? because for me it is! meet people in icq, not in the article for the cruel murder of one man! because all normal people now are suffering! and also - why almost all comments of "arabic" (better terrorist) solidarity come from democratic countries. what are you doing in such "places of ****"? - stay in al zarkaui's village and feel yourselves happy! probably with your wives, if some fanatic don't kill some of them with stones because of opening of their faces, for example, and with your girls-children, kept away from school, because the coran don’t permit them education!
Good Comment  () IP Address:                         Nikolay from Bulgaria
to jamila: do u know what the terrorists who kidnapped the drivers want from bulgaria? no, they dont want our troops out of iraq, they want us to free all women prisoners! thats different from ur point of view & therefore its impossible thing for us to do! i am so ****ed off of such posts like yours
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          Victor from Bulgaria
listen guys,i have read all of your comments and for those which are radical...well you obviously need to open your eyes and at least try to understand the driving forces/motives of culture/way of thinking. as for the war in general it was something which would have been done sooner or later by any american president.i believe the timing was wrong and the situation untimely. i hate to hear about such gruesome acts such as these, but on the other hand these people's (iraqi insurgency) means as a political or military force are dwarfed by such nations as the us. they do not see any other alternative than this..and that is sad. the problem is that the people of the world lack an undertsanding of eachother. all i can say to the radicals out there is that you might do well to learn something from the other side and quell this deep hatred
 () IP Address:                           Matt from USA/FR
un unhappy poor man was killed in a terribly demonstrative manner, a whole nation has been humiliated, hatred had been given rise to ,brain- washed people jubilate….someone has satisfied his own low wishes, someone has received very much money /one wonders if the gold of the planet is enough?/, they can’t spend it in a legal way… but many people talk about big politics, about moral values….as long as they are far from the filmed horrors , comfortably settled in front of their computers, a slimming diets being their only worry. but the caravan goes on ….
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           EVA from Europa
dave from usa: what the hell are you talking about? "maariv international"? "are all jews crooked"? "sieg heil peter, der neue fuhrer!"?!!?...... jesus, what's wrong with some of you people..? can someone explain what he's talking about? to logical: i'm glad that you believe me. but i'm actually swedish, born here, raised here. guess i'm a living proof of the fact that "american culture" (tv, movies, music, etc) is the strongest weapon when your leaders seek world domination and build the new world order... =)
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
ask yourself honestly, can you trust us to confine your daughters in us prisons in iraq? the stories on **** offences and cruelty on detainees in iraqi prisons by us keep coming up one after another. release all the women and children and let the men continue killing each other. good luck for both sides
 () IP Address:                            MD from Kuala Lumpur
to the americans . no body is believing your talk about democracy . you have been in afghanistan for the last three years and look what is happening there . no rebuilding of afghanistan no free elected government . the same old cia agent still on top of cia appointed government . paul praimer stole two hundered and fifty milions dollars from iraq before he leave according to ex iraqi governor assmbly " bahar elouloum " . your assistant millitary captain in iraq " general kemit " said that the us military forces are not leaving iraq before five years from now . just tell me how would the world trust what you say any more ?
 () IP Address:                            naser from libya
nikolay and other hungry bulgarians.what a **** country is bulgaria.hhha u claim to be european,loll they refused u hundred times rubbish.but i remind u what u really r .u r the best street cleaners in lybia and the cheapest prostitutes in arab gulf countries.look who r now talking about troop and army ,those long term humilated tiny country .sall we ask turky again to come and do ur ass and slave u for another 500 years ,or shall we ask soviet union to make u his tail for another 70 years .we in arabic have a preverb says "look the w a n k e r has got a wife and now threatening her with divorce" .get up sick nation stop come to arab countries for begging in the street but ur prostitues they can keep coming in millions -surely nikoly here is one of them -becz they r so cheap .and keep sweeping our street poor hungry bulgarian rubbish
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                             مازن mazen from سوريةsyria
they did not post my message last time but - i don't know why, but i'll try again. i was against the war, i was defending muslims, i always hat ed bush. now i don't hear muslims condemning this murd er and i am dissapointed. i took some time and read most of the ****. it is terri ble - i had no idea it was so vio lent. now nobody can tell me that isl am is a peacefull religion. you people with your silence have turned me into a ha tefull person. i don't see how creating enemies is of any use to you. i know i can't defend mu slims anymore.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Bobbie from Bulgaria
to the americans who are asking other americans to leave america because they are criticising the us government policy in iraq . did you know that the majority of americans are opposing the war in iraq ? did you want the majority of american people to leave out of america because they are aginst the war in iraq?
 () IP Address:                            naser from libya
peter from sweden - good morning. i hope you had a restful night. i did. i now believe you are swedish and frankly i am very impressed by the effect of american culture. i like the films of ingmar bergman and think the volvo is one of the best cars in the world but i am sure in a million years i could not convince someone that i come from stockholm. are you familiar with the ‘turing test’. if so, in my view, you have passed it if applied to whether someone has been raised in america. but back to logic. american culture is simply the free market of ideas, produced by a heterogenous people, who appreciate and respect differences. the motivation may be financial, but it is not sinister. why, i must ask, if you feel it is a weapon, have you so completely absorbed it? have you been unconscious? have you had some kind of awakening? i ask this in all respect. i want to know how can you so hate something that you must have worked so hard to master.
 () IP Address:                          logician from usa
i want to remind all involved in these horrific terrorist attacks in the middle east, america is watching. we will not pull out. george w. is going to be reelected. your day is coming! the usa has the capability to destroy your entire civilization.
 () IP Address:                            CJ from USA
good morning! actually i do like your country. or, to be more precise, i love most of the stuff coming from the us - movies (although often stupid and semi-racist when arabs are involved...), music, food, general conceptions about social interaction and morality, your original constitution is the one of the best in the world, etc, etc... as i said before, the us could be a true lightbringer to the world if your leaders chose to. but: the last 30-40 years your leaders have turned rotten. they have started and supported more wars and bloodshed than any other government. they have helped bring down democratic governments in bloody military coups. they have supported terrorists and dictators and prevented democratic uprisings. they have used wmds that to this day causes grotesque deformities in innocent babies. clean your house and i'll love u even more... =****
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
dear,iraqi people,wake up!if u cant do nothing for your good future,let us to help u.if u want to have normal life-try to help yourself and stop this terorism!one day u will stay eye in eye with this terorism and noone in d world would not want to help u.u see that those crazy people dont stop at front of nothing.they kill,becouse they like to kill,not becouse they want u to be free.dont stay and watch this cruel action.clean your earth from d terorist if u want to be part of d world,if u dont want to be slaves of d terorism...ivailo and george...why its happend?
 () IP Address:                            Tanya from Bulgaria
initially i was opposing bush and his invasion of iraq. many bulgarians didn't approve of sending our troops there. what the terrorists managed to achieve now is unanimous support for the coalition forces. nobody can have sympathy for animals who are beheading innocent human beings, we have no doubts now whose side we are on. we bulgarians now actually want to increase the number of our troops there. there is no alternative - saddam is gone, and we cannot leave the iraqi people in the hands of terrorists like this animal zarqawi. think about everything that saddam has caused, tens of thousands of people murdered, tortured and raped, the genocide on the kurdish people, his terrible prisons (after all, the americans didn't build abu-ghraib), the misery of the iraqi people while he was living in luxury in his huge palaces.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                             someone from Bulgaria
to peter from sweden. ok. you like america. they have done some good things. you want them to be better. your argument about america’s deficiencies has the only force of repetition (“they have started - they have helped bring down - they have supported - they have used –“) but the specifics are general, vague and unconvincing. you indicate what you are against. you seem rather rational (i apologize for the swedish psych ward crack.) what are you for? i believe i have read that you believe that the violence against ‘occupiers’ (often so brutal, mindless and self-defeating as to stagger the imagination) is either justified or the product of a black flag op (i love that phrase – where did you get it?)
 () IP Address:                          logician from usa
to all – its true that these postings drift from the initial news items, the poor bulgarian who was killed, decapitated and tossed in the river. but how much can one say other than its sad, it’s a shame, pity the family, etc. so ultimately the debate comes down to motivation, justification, good vs ****, political philosophy, what actions to take, etc. its not that the bulgarian is forgotton. people are trying to understand. most people that is. some (mazen from syria) simply like to have an outlet for a hate-filled screed. that’s ok. better the web than a bomb on a train. i happen to think that al j. is not objective but i applaud their opening up this site. i have never been blocked. by all means read al. j. but also read haaretz and the j post.
 () IP Address:                          logician from usa
logician: i think that the iraqi resistance against the occupying force is justified, yes. not that i think that the resistance is that good for the iraqi people, but according to all international laws concerning war, it is a just fight. you can not call them terrorists when they attack military targets, no matter how much bush would like to do that. then we have the attacks on civilian targets... if they are deliberately aimed at non-warring factions and people not supporting the occupying force, then it is terrorism. the hostagetakings and the beheadings: there are strange circumstances surrounding some of these events. that, and the fact that basically only one part in this mess benefits from them, makes me suspicious. on top of that we know for sure that mossad agents are swarming in iraq like flies on manure. you never know, do you?
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
mazen (btw the name translates as “oily” in bulgarian), you cannot compare bulgaria, with all the democratic institutions with syria – poor dictator country. there is no base. as i remember your president now is the son of the previous assad..? so this makes you as democratic as north korea, libya, and cuba. so if you were clever syrian (no doubt you are stu.pid, or you are paid), you’ll ask the coalition to come after iraq in your country and to relieve you from the assad family. also somebody needs to remove the hamas and other terrorist’s camps there. otherwise they will be many air strakes from israel… you and your funny state cannot stop.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
peter, i posted this late last night our time: your statement: "the only ones who benefit from these horrible beheadings of foreigners in iraq, basically is sharon (and bush)". are not the philippines pulling out because of the risk of a beheading? from here it looks like they are, and if so, who does that benefit? clearly not us, we are rather miffed about it. so, who? regards, michael
 () IP Address:                             Michael G from USA
michael g: it makes the arabs and muslims look really nasty. which country in the region could that benefit..? it makes many people in the world really disgusted with the iraqi resistance and that in turn makes them more willing to accept increased american violence against iraqis. it makes abu ghraib look less bad. it paves the road for a loooong american occupation of iraq, which i'm sure the neocons in dc wants. this in turn insures control over iraqi oil for years to come and stengthens the security for israel. a long occupation means that the us admin finally has gotten hold of a platform to launch future invasions of arab states in the region. if iraq turned into a too peaceful place, there would not be any need for a us presence there. and that's not something bush et al would like to happen (although they say it's what they want).
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter, i can only post infrequently here due to some restrictions put on me, so i will be unable to respond further. but, you did not exactly answer my question, i will ask it again: are not the philippines pulling out because of the risk of a beheading? from here it looks like they are, and if so, who does that benefit? these are two questions, please answer regards, michael
 () IP Address:                             Michael G from USA
to cj from usa, if g.w. bush is going to win the election this time round, l'll have to pass! he does not fit be a president of the kenya, let alone the president of the "united states of america". thank you
 () IP Address:                           Mahsen from Kenya
my heart goes out to the family of this innocent man! and to all people who's life has been changed thru out this w.a.r.!! i have lost 2 friends to this w.a.r trust me when i say i know the pain they must feel****
 () IP Address:                            Marco from Texas, USA
peter, ppls in m.east are living at least 200 years behind the rest of the world and now is producing quite a threat for the civilization. they are living in dictator country, or theocracy country, or absolute monarchy. they still have the laws, which are not exercised in europe for more than 100 years (or never been there) - public executions (incl. beheading), killing the women with the stones, cutting the arms, etc. that’s fine for the rest of the world. but they start attacking others, terrorizing, pressuring sovereign’s countries (incl. france) - what do you expect in return? if us did nothing, tomorrow they will be even bigger attack on the financial or trade institutions in world (in us, or in europe – doesn’t matter). and instead they to come to live in modern times, we have to go back to their medieval century.
 () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
and peter, the only my disagreement with current us president is that he send only ~135000 troops. it would be much less painful and fast if initially he send ~ 400 000. now many parts of iraq are not covered well and give a place for foreigner as well as iraqis terrorists to hide. also i can say the real mistake is on his father, who had the perfect big army there (~1mln soldiers), the un resolution and didn’t change iraq 13 years ago. now it would be well-forgotten problem.
 () IP Address:                           Bulgarian from US
dont worry about one headless body,if you want to see headless bodies go to the site where american army is droping bombs. you can see many many headless ,armless,legless,hairless, burn bodies of iraqi children,women,and old people,who could'nt escape before bombs fell in their home and kill all of them.saddam,the president of iraq, should ask american army to leave now,american alredy made millions of raqi people headless,so they should leave now.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                            Debby from Germany
hey peter. you last post is almost 100% correct. and that is a good thing. someone needs to drain the swamp that is the comglomeration of the mid-east countries. it is a mess and a breeding ground for terror and misery. the usa and bush have the guts to do it. you don't think that, if the west falls, that your pretty little white neck would get spared when your turn came, do you. sweden is far north, but your turn would come. ps. i do like swedish meatballs, ha ha
 () IP Address:                              sparky from usa
peter from sweden – reading your last 2 postings i can only paraphrase ronald reagen, “there you go again”. shall we follow your reasoning out to its logical conclusion. if the islamists (i think that’s an accurate and non-perjorative term) build a clinic or aid the poor, you will laud them. if they perform an act that really disgusts and disturbs our human sensitivities, it is probably the activity of mossad, (or israel, or the neocons, or whatever euphemism you choose for you know who). isn’t that a sort of a ‘heads i win, tails you lose’ situation. i respect you (strangely) but you are a political opponent. if you look bad because you beat your wife over there in sweden, i might benefit. does that mean i was the instigator of the beating. sure israel has an interest in a iraq and may have agents there (who doesn’t). if norway threatened to “burn half of sweden with missiles” wouldn’t you want to know what’s going on there?
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
i want to tell you only one thing: we don't have a business in iraq! i think, that my country make a wrong choise again!(not at first in our history) :( and we will take the consequences in the future :( i'm sure, that in the future in bulgaria will happened terroristic attacks, unfortunately because our politicians (especially our minister solomonn passi (jewish**** :( and many and many people will suffering without guilt :(
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Dimitar from Bulgaria
i want to tell only one think! we dont have any business in iraq :( the sending of our troops in iraq was a very big mistake of our politicians, and in the future we will take another horrible consequences, and many people without guilt (like this two drivers) will be sufferig... my country (not at first in our history) take a wrong side :( sorry about that!
 () IP Address:                           Mitko from Bulgaria
to this bulgarian in the us . i realy think that your country should stick with europe instead of ****ing americans ..you know what. you had no busness interfering in iraq's business against the well of un unless you have plans for iraqies children " same your country men and woman did for the 500 libyan kids injucting them with hiv " sticking with the american in the unjust war in iraq will bring you nothing but more hate in old europe and midle east . i realy hope that the iraqi resistance will catch every bulgarian man in iraq and slaughter them from their dicks instead of their nicks .
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                            naser from libya
well it may be coated with nice words ... like war on terror...terror fight ..or what ever .. but the inner part of the conflict is nit open... iam personal happy with the iraq group that has decides to choap the heads of those who want the oil of iraq .... please all iraqis... join this group and give them a support.
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           Man from Tanzania
logician: i understand what you're saying. and yes, sometimes i'm too fast jumping to conclusions! =) but then again, who isn't? the difference is who you choose to blame for whatever has happend. ok, where was i? "disgusting stuff that muslims do". of course they too do really horrible things. history is full of them. and you hear of them time after time after time after time - on tv, in movies and in western newspapers. and often "we" (the rich, predominantely white christian/jewish pop in the world) explain their terror by saying that "they are nothing but crazy muslim fanatics", "they have no respect for human life whatsoever", etc. but when "we" perform acts of terror, it's belittled and downplayed using advanced logic and complicated chains of thought. the mossies: they have a history of conducting false flag ops to blame the enemy.
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter, i can only post infrequently here due to some restrictions put on me. but, you did not exactly answer my question posed quite a bit earlier, i will ask it again: are not the philippines pulling out because of the risk of a beheading? from here it looks like they are, and if so, who does that benefit? regards, michael
 () IP Address:                             Michael G from USA
michael g: "are not the philippines pulling out because of the risk of a beheading? from here it looks like they are, and if so, who does that benefit?". yes, the philippines are pulling out because of the beheadings. it does not benefit the iraqi resistance, because these philippines treated injured and sick iraqis. they never constituted a military threat to the "freedomfighters". the iraqi resistance has even set a price on the alleged perpetrator´s head ("al-zarqawi"), which means that these beheadings are not approved of (to say the least) by the iraqi resistance. of course, you can find a motif among "muslim fundamentalists" like "al qaeda" - they want to bring chaos in iraq to be able to take over power and turn iraq into a new taliban-country. but hey, to me it seems as farfetched as saying that maybe mossad is behind it... ;)
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
peter from sweden – i agree with you. we absolutely need to avoid characterizing an entire group, nation, religion, whatever, by the actions of a few. it is wrong and unfair to talk about ‘arab terrorists’. i believe the vast, vast majority of arabs are not terrorists. i am less certain whether they support terrorist activities. i am very certain that they seem disinclined to criticize terrorists. later in your post you state ‘but when "we" perform acts of terror, it's belittled and downplayed using advanced logic and complicated chains of thought’. are you suggesting that the peoples of the middle east are deficient in using ‘advanced logic and complicated chains of thought’. if that were the case, we would not have algebra! do i detect a subtle double standard. is there beneath your privileged western tendency to excuse and justify the idea that the peoples of the middle east are somehow inferior? finally, you give too much power to mossad. i think even the swedes would do a better job of pilfering a few nz passports.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
logician: i mean that "we" belittle and downplay our leader´s terror, by putting together complex "cause and effect"-theories to excuse what "our" leaders have done. alternatively, we strongly appoint one or two scapegoats among our "nomenklatura", which then gives us peace of mind. which we definetely don't do when pointing out atrocities conducted by people from other cultural spheres (i.e. muslims).
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
hey peter. did you just take a bong hit, ha ha. what did you just say? how is sweden? how many muslims do you guys have up there?
 () IP Address:                              sparky from usa
sparky, my main man... everything´s fine here in sweden. ****ty weather this summer, though (wonder if mossad is behind that too..?). you know, we've got good stuff from amsterdam here in europe. mix that with some mushrooms and your fingers just fly over the keyboard! he, he... i'm realising now that i didn't answer dear logician´s question (i think?)... hmmm. i'm not sure that i got it right, but aren't arabs really good at defending their leader´s shortcomings and the blood on their hands, in a very advanced way? either it's israel´s fault or the us´... he, he... ;)
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
you are right again, dear peter. the muslims tenacity for denial is like a neighbor whose house is on fire and they are out front complaining because a neighbor left a bicycle in their yard and it makes the neighborhood look ****y. they cannot see that they are on the cusp of a new "dark ages". america can see it. i hope europe can see it to.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                              sparky from usa
the weekend is starting and i’m going away. i won’t be posting anymore. peter from sweden, thanks for jousting with me. you are a worthy opponent, although i submit that too much of that stuff may have softened your brain. i hope you examine your slogans. they seem more appropriate for cheerleading yells at a rally or signs at a protest march. sparky from the usa – you are the coolest. jumping in here and there, unexpected like a little imp or leprechaun. deflating everyone’s pomposity. i loved it. ha ha. bye guys. have a good weekend.
 () IP Address:                           logician from usa
later logician.... we shall meet again peter.... hang in there. i had a good friend in high school who was an excahnge student rom sweden. his name was haken westman. he is a fine individual. later
 () IP Address:                              sparky from usa
sparky and logician: take care. don't drink too much. watch out for 'em scary terrorists (especially the ones in moving vans)... ;) have a nice weekend, guys.
 () IP Address:                           Peter from Sweden
what makes you think we didnt find wmd? its pouring out of the sand over there.better known as the freedom fighters... its killing the iraqi ppl in mass ammounts.
 () IP Address:                          whatever from usa
people, get with the program, alzarqawi does not exist, he died. why do you think the usa is bombing fallujah, looking for alzarqawi? absolutely not, just playing the same old game, trying to blame the zarqawi, please, i don't want to hear that name again, because he doesn't exist, why can't anyone think about that. and if you all so honest about rebuilding, remember afghanistan, anyone heard of that name, what a joke, my friends you can't drink water if you don't have one, now let's talk about some mossad, do you think they don't exist wow,, look at new-zealand and what they upto, see youu
 () IP Address:                           Mohamed Yassin from Somalia
i am sick to death of people saying that iraq is a free country now. it is no different then it was 2 years ago. theres still an **** dictator who is controlling the country(through a puppet government)people are still being killed,people are afraid to leave their homes incase they will be shot, america are not liberators they are a killing machine, just like israel they take what they want even if it doesnt belong to them. and as for the freedom fighters they are fighting for the freedom of this country, they havnt killed as many innocent people as the americans. america indulges in state terrorism this is the real threat these are the people the world should be fighting. it makes me sick that in this day and age people can get away with such things, it also upsets me that no arab country is willing to stand up to them.
 () IP Address:                          ash from syria
hey ash.. good point. talk your countrymen into attacking the usa in iraq with your army... we would crush you in about 20 minutes (with a 5 minute break). as bush says.... "bring it on". why did you not complain when saddam was there - or complain about the dictatorship you live in now? your outrage is selective and thus invalid. bring it on, baby... you can't have it both ways. from your argument, you seem to prefer dictatorship to freedom long term. that says more about you than you know. what are you afraid of - that you cannot compete?
 () IP Address:                              sparky from usa
naser, you believe to your terrorist-president too much. all the worldwide specialists (even from pasteur inst.) told you that the infection in this hospital in benghazi is happen one year **** before bulgarians appear there. they claim the infections were thanks to poor hygiene in the hospital. but you want our blood, don’t you (as we recently have seen in iraq). doesn’t matter what the investigators said, doesn’t matter the facts – we cannot bomb you like mr. reagan, and so let’s kill them. the pity is that our citizens spent so many years building infrastructure and medicine in libya – you don’t deserve this barbaric. and so go to believe your president – he only kills all his opponents (even abroad), and only blow two airplanes (incl. lockerby) and one disco club (in berlin). so in these statistics 5 bulgarian lives for nothing??
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          Bulgarian from US
cada país debe ser soberano de su territorio y arreglar sus problemas sin intervención de otros países, especialmente de aquellos que como en un juego de guerra despliegan sus fuerzas armadas por todo el planeta, sin respetar el derecho internacional, ni los organismos internacionales que ellos mismos crearon, es increible que halla gente que apoya la invasión a irak, ya que esta acción solo logró empeorar la situación en medio oriente, pero lo que es seguro es que muchos políticos y empresarios llenan sus bolsillos con el petróleo irakí, y con los contratos de la "reconstrucción de irak". la libertad es para todos, no sólo para los estadounidenses, mal llamados americanos, ya que americanos somos todos los que habitamos el continente américa.
 () IP Address:                          Guillermo from Argentina
the terrorists was killed one innoncent bulgarian.do you know that bulgaria was always helping on arabian?do you know how much arabian have finished their education here? how people from yours are in bulgaria? bulgaria is an example not onlu for europe but for the whole world for ethnus peace.when something bad happens in arabian world,the most european protests.but when have you protested opposite your terrorists?have you once showed then your dissagree with them?is that your democration?lets all arabian help us to save the last hostage because the fanatics will hear your voice.they hope that you will keep silence,but the silence is not always gold-sometimes it costs person`s life.
Good Comment  () IP Address:                           Ognian from Bulgaria
i read i do not believe you people saying there is no reason for the war as there mere no wmds found. isn`t september 11 enough for a reason ? do not forget that the islam world started the war on september 11 , not the american government if someone atacks you what you do?
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                            YANA from BG-USA
arabs by nature are people who simply want to run their mouth!! i mean: with saddam present, theyre crying, and with america kickin him out theyre crying! why not just shut it up and be thankful that america has sacrificied and fought for you? and so what if america's aim is the oil. with america buyin oil, the income will generate billions that would improve life in iraq. with saddam present: that income generated nothing but palaces for saddam and torture chambers for the people. wake up.
 () IP Address:                           Adam from Canada
makes me wish hitler did take control over europe and the middle east,,,,,the only way to rule these people who have no value on life is through fear and force,,,how can you be nice to someone who just assume cut your headoff,,versus listening to reason,,these people have been this way for ever,,and just to think ,,jesus was born over there,,,is there really a god????
 () IP Address:                            BEREAL from THE WORLD
so much hatred, so many sick people... i had a better opinion for the muslims,but now i see how primitive are some of them. to mazen from syria-continue to run your mouth; one day you will be on the receptive end of all this violence. the question here is not if us or arabs are right.the question is how humane is to do these barbaric acts. you say:' a11ah is merciful'.well, where is your mercy? violence comes back to you!
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          Plevenchanin from Bulgaria
dimitar=mitko, sorry about the twise-post above. i can't believe that the bulgarians can be at reazon like that - "the islam world started the war in 11.09"! this is a ****! u$a and israel started this war many years ago! to my great regret, the americans successfuly washed the brains of my compatriots :( and when the bombs begin to exlpode in our major cities, i'll know why...
 () IP Address:                           Dimitar from Bulgaria
skapani ,rezniatzi ,i va6te glavi 6te padnat ako ate 4eli istoria ni6to ne ostava pri nas taka ,6te go otnesete iako ,i vie ste uiazvimi .
 () IP Address:                           leshnika from bulgaria
dear digitalbytch from usa, if you are eccepting of the beaheading, will you eccept killing the innocent iraqi people by the americans? what is the different the innocent people you mentioned and the innocent iraqi people. do u ever think and the people like you that human is ahuman. what u like the other person also likes, what hate you is also the same. u don't want to be hurted, note also the others are like you. usa has sent military there in iraq, and usa is saying that the insurgents are doing bad deeds while the usa military are killing, destroying. look the american helicopters are bombarding a poor family and killing all of them, is that what the good deeds u know?, note that iraqi people wants usa to leave their country, please let us ask americans to come back to their motherland and leave someone's country. gomma in england..
 () IP Address:                           Gomma from USA
it's insane!!nobody can kill innocent people like our citizens.so there is only one decision-to find and destroy all these terroristic groups,because they are nothing,but murderers****
Bad Comment  () IP Address:                           revenge from BULGARIA
hey sparky**** since when did it become a competition?you seem to think that america is in control of the planet.i assure you ''it is not''.because america has more weapons we are supposed to bow to it`s command?ask who has more wmd`s?thats right america.i say wmd`s should be eliminated from the planet and we should ''all'' be helping our fellow man.attitudes like yours sparky are dangerous as eventualy someone will not allow you to control them.maybe it`s time to stay home and clean up your own backyard, before you infringe on other folks.killing is killing, but america seems to justify it by false sence of control.just what do americans want in the long run.i can tell you that the so called freedom to justify the auotomibile industry alone is so dangerous that you don`t see the cost of spent fossil fuels.how many choice of cars do y
Good Comment  () IP Address:                          russell quinn from canada

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